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Keep track of progress as we build our new showrooms at Stafford

Updated: The new Travelworld Erwin Hymer Centre build is complete.  Here is the time-capsule video:

It’s not the first time Travelworld have made big changes with our showrooms.  We did a whole refurbishment project a couple of years ago.   The re-opening of this was attended by Hymer Group representatives.  This time, we are going bigger and better.  We have a brand new showroom being built just off the M6, near junction 14.  Our new showroom is being built on a five-acre site in Stafford North,  at Cresswell Park.  Work on the project began in January this year.

The new Travelworld motorhomes showroom build is now well underway and the whole team is very excited about what the future holds as we move onwards towards this next stage in the life of the Travelworld brand. A grand opening is planned for September 2018 but stay tuned for more information on that as the site build continues to develop.

This is what our new showroom will look like:

New showroom build time capsule

With this in mind we wanted to keep everyone updated on progress as the site takes shape.

We’ve added commentary from social media, industry magazines, and some photographs of the initial turf cutting and shots from an aerial drone who has been visiting the site to keep us updated on progress.  We hope you enjoy keeping up with our journey.

Follow along with our timeline of activities.  Our Travelworld new showrooms ‘time capsule’.  We’ll also continue to keep everyone updated via social media so follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s the timeline of events as they unfold:

November 2017

New showroom announcement

In November 2017 we announced plans to build our new service centre and showrooms.  Social media and industry publications shared the news, as well as ourselves of course.

December 2017

Sneak peek via CGI video

Caravan Times reported on the announcement as well as The Camping and Caravanning Club, via social media and their own publications.

We shared our CGI video of the new showroom vision.

Hooked Up Magazine also shared the news.  Our Managing Director, Ross Edwards, was interviewed by Hooked Up Magazine on the exciting announcement and the interview took pride of place as December’s Hooked Up Magazine cover story.  Ross confessed to “not being very good at keeping secrets and joked of how it had been painful trying to keep the news from everybody.”

Computer generated images were published of the new showrooms.

January 2018

Turf cutting time

By January 2018 it was time to cut the first piece of turf marking the beginning of the build.  Several members of the Edwards family spanning 3 generations took part in the ceremony at the new site.

Turf cutting by The Edwards family at the site of Travelworld's new motorhomes showroom

Turf cutting by The Edwards family at the site of Travelworld’s new motorhomes showroom

February 2018

Foggy February but the build still goes on

By February 2018 the site is starting to take shape and much of the land preparation is well underway.

Drone image of new Travelworld motorhome showroom taken Feb 19th 2018

Drone image of new Travelworld motorhome showroom taken Feb 19th 2018

New motorhome showroom build underway off the M6

New motorhome showroom build underway off the M6

Drone image taken in February 2018 of new Travelworld Motorhomes showrooms and service centre build project

Drone image taken in February 2018 of new Travelworld Motorhomes showrooms and service centre build project

Here are more of the shots taken by our aerial drone:

March 2018

Winter works underway

March 2018 new showroom site build progress

March 2018 new showroom site build progress

March 2018 showroom build progress

March 2018 showroom build progress

Our trusty drone was again busy taking shots from the sky as progress throughout March continued:

April 2018

Spring – and the site is taking shape nicely

April 2018 progress on Travelworld Motorhomes new showroom build

April 2018 progress on Travelworld Motorhomes new showroom build

The new showrooms at Travelworld new site are really taking shape

The new showrooms at Travelworld new site are really taking shape

We shared shots from the drone tracking progress via social media.  Keep up with the journey via Twitter.  The land was all prepared now and time to start the main build.

We shared our progress video on Twitter.  Everything is really coming together nicely now.

The site is really starting to take shape now.  Great progress was made during the month of April.

Here are a more of the shots from our busy eye in the sky, keeping track of progress on site:

May 2018

More exciting news to share

Caravan Times reported on the new dealership and we also had other exciting news to share too about our partnerships with Dethleffs and Elddiss.

Showroom build update from the site manager

We managed to sneak a quick chat with the site manager to catch up on progress at the beginning of May too.

Here’s a summary of what he had to say:

Great progress again is being made at the new site in Stafford with the project quickly catching up on the deadline from the previous bad weather that we endured.


Columns, portal frames (a rigid structural frame consisting essentially of two uprights connected at the top by a third frame), purlins (a horizontal beam along the length of a roof, resting on principals and supporting the common rafters or boards) all are scheduled to be completed for the showroom area by Sunday 6th May 2018.  All columns to the showroom will be grouted, lined and levelled early next week to ensure that they are ready for completion.

Service Area:

The steelwork to the service area has now been completed which has now allowed for the netting for the roofing to commence. The handrail leading to the rood has started and all the columns within the service area have been grouted and completed. Block work to the service area has been started this week which consists of – columns, portal frames, purlins, a cladding rail, inner sheets, insulations and finally an outer sheet.  The roof to the service area will begin to be fitted once the roof over the offices has been completed.


Decking to the offices has been completed, in line with this the handrails to the decking areas have also finished production.  The roof for the offices will be fitted first next week along with the gutters.

  • Water service is in the ground ready for use
  • Builders will be working to get the floor prepared for concrete in the offices and first floor.

We can really see the progress he’s talking about in the latest shots from site too.

We took some shots of the site ourselves as well as the drone shots and the camera which we have on site continuously taking lots of images to add to our time-capsule.

More images from the drone on site.

May 2018 new showroom progress

May 2018 new showroom progress

Concrete had now been poured onto the floor at this stage of the build.

June 2018

Looking less like a building site and more like a new showroom

The showroom framework is now in place and the whole project is starting to turn into much more than simply a prepared construction site.  These shots were taken by an aerial drone on 11th June 2018.

Early June 2018

New showroom build 11 June 2018


To illustrate the difference between sheer size of the new showrooms being built and the existing Travelworld showrooms here’s a shot comparing both:

Late June 2018

These shots were taken by our aerial drone on 25th June 2018.  The building itself is really coming together now and a temporary carpark is also on site.  The site is starting to look like the new showroom the team at Travelworld are so excited about.

And just look at the new site compared with our current Telford showrooms:

July 2018

It is hot – and so is our new showroom

August 2018

Almost there

We really are making great headway now and the showrooms cut a striking pose next to the busy motorway.  Our construction site manager updated us with some progress notes which we’ve summarised as follows:

The external cladding is progressing well and all vertical cladding is completed.  The flashings and so forth are still to complete.  Showroom glazing is expected to be completed this week and the main entrance next week.

Partitioning and tape and jointing is progressing well.  The lift installation has started with an expected programme of 2 weeks.  The laundry room steel beam is being worked on this week followed by metal decking.  The brick and blockwork is now complete and the external groundworks progressing well.

No wonder we’re getting excited.

 We shared our latest drone shots on Twitter.  Follow us to keep up with the progress over there.