Goldschmitt Premium Partner

Owned by the Erwin Hymer Group, Goldschmitt are the groups premier accessory brand name and specialise in the manufacture & supply of high-quality products that are designed to assist customers make their leisure lives easier.

Hydraulic Self-Levelling

Self-Levelling sets your vehicle completely level and solid within a minute at the press of a button. Four hydraulic legs extend to the ground, take up excess road spring tension slack and completely level the vehicle, so you are left with a perfectly level motorhome that has no rocking motion as you move around it.

ADC Air-Suspension

Full vehicle air-suspension increases comfort (driveability) by around 45% by providing an air cushion on each suspension mount, it is supplied with an easy to use touch screen controller that has functions that will allow you to:

  • Raise the height of the vehicle (getting on off ferries for instance)
  • Lower the height of the vehicle (loading the vehicle of going under low garage cross members)
  • Weigh the vehicle (so you know you are below your maximum gross weight before setting off)
  • Automatically self-level the vehicle

Systems are manufactured for the specific vehicle and in most cases offer a gross vehicle weight uprate, so they are ideal for customer at the limit of their payload as we can easily increase their payload limit. During installation we completely remove the factory original suspension system and replace it with Goldschmitt components.

Semi Air-Suspension

Improves the stability and comfort of the motorhome by installing additional small airbags to the rear axle of the vehicle which are controlled by the user to set their desired comfort level. The rear ride height of the vehicle is set slightly higher with semi air-suspension and it is ideal for vehicles with weight disparity between sides.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels by Goldschmitt are foremost created to cater for the high weight loading that motorhomes place upon wheels and we offer alloy wheels from 15” to 18” subject to the chassis designation. There are a number of modern alloy wheel designs in the Goldschmitt range to make your motorhome stand out from the crowd.

Road Springs

You may have noticed that some motorhome front wheels disappear inside the wheel arch of the vehicle and the vehicle rides lower at the front that the rear, this is because motorhome manufacturers use standard van chassis and the road springs are not designed to withstand the constant weight of a motorhome body on them. Goldschmitt road springs lift the front of vehicle by as much as 100mm making the vehicle more aesthetically pleasing and allowing a far more comfortable ride quality.