What should you take in your first aid kit?

When camping, caravanning or motorhoming, it's essential that you have the first aid kit essentials necessary to give you peace of mind on your travels

We all know we need to take a first aid kit on holiday, however, big or small. But what are the essentials that go in it? Below we have outlined some of the most important things you should take with you on your motorhome holiday to make sure you are safe.

First aid kit essentials

Here are some essentials to keep in your first aid kit:

  • Thermometers are usually a staple part of everyone’s first aid kit. You can now buy sticky strip themometers for use on babies and young children, they take up little room and provide accurate results in seconds
  • Antiseptic solution is another first aid kit essential and is used for washing wounds. There are killing agents inside it which help with broken skin, stings and bites. Ensure the bottle you have is within date before you take it with you and remember to take some cotton wool to aply it too
  • When you are adding plasters to your kit, make sure you get a few different shapes and sizes as they are handy for a variety of different cuts. Waterproof plasters are great if you are jumping in and out of the pool all day and cushioned ones help protect against any further bumps
  • Dressings for injuries should be included in a travel first aid kit. Hydrocolloid dressings are best for cuts and grazes; waterproof dressings are good for wounds, transparent dressings are also handy to see how the healing is going
  • Antihistamines should always be taken in your kit when you go on holiday. They work against mild allergies such as hay fever with each tablet providing around 24 hours relief
  • Painkillers are a permement resident in all first aid kits. All these types of pain relief can be used and don’t forget, if you have children, you will need to take Calpol and/or Calprofen. Again, read the label on the bottle to make sure th contents are in date
  • Travel sickness pills like Quells and Kalms should definitely be taken if you have someone travelling with you who is prone to travel sickness, travel brands are available to fend off this kind of illness too
  • Anti-diarrhoea medication like Imodium or rehydration sashets are a must. Chemists abroad do sell these but it is better to have them handy
  • Insect bite treatment and repellents are essential if you are travelling abroad, it might be worth taking a mosquito net too, especially if you are heading for somewhere near the sea or a lake as mosquitos are often found near water

It is worth remembering also, that if you are on any medication, then you should make sure you have ordered a repeat prescription well in advance of your holiday so that you are prepared.

Finally, one of the main things you can do to ensure you are safe while on holiday is to make sure you keep your first aid kit in a convenient part of your motorhome. You should check the contents regularly to see if there are any items out of date or to replenish the contents.

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