At Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld, we are proud to stock some of the most luxurious motorhomes in the world. Here we turn the spotlight on some of our show-stopping vehicles, from the game-changing Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88 LF to the budget-friendly Carado V337.

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Our reviewers have gone beyond the marketing brochures to put these motorhomes through their paces to give you – the customer – all the information you need to make your decision.

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With 128 customisable options for the exterior and a staggering 34,560 options for the interior, the redesigned Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 is the ideal motorhome for people who don’t want to compromise. The new Flair 920 is a premium liner like no other.
More than 23,000 hours of development went into creating the Niesmann + Bischoff iSmove 6.9E - and the results are clear for all to see. This is a motorhome which pushes the boundaries - and excels.
The Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88 LF is a 'compact liner' with luxury and style in abundance. Every inch of this 8.76m motorhome is built to maximise space, making it perfect for long jaunts.
With aluminium walls and a double floor, the Arto 78 F is the perfect all-weather companion. Compact yet roomy, this motorhome is proving to be a firm favourite.
Extreme driving comfort and packed with practical features, it's no surprise the HYMER BMC-T 690 has proven to be a Travelworld top seller.
An all-rounder par excellence, the fabulous Exsis-i 580 from German legend Hymer offers an unbeatable combination of comfort, practicality and sheer ‘must have’ desirability.
The award-winning HYMER Venture S has redefined the off-road motorhome experience. Packed with homely features but with the power and innovations to handle off-grid adventures, this is a motorhome which will prove a true icon of its time.
Extreme driving comfort and packed with practical features, it's no surprise the HYMER BMC-T 690 has proven to be a Travelworld top seller.
More like an apartment than a motorhome, the massive HYMER B-Class MasterLine BML-I 890 is the king of the road for those who need their home comforts.
The HYMER BMC-I 600 WhiteLine delivers huge value with a raft of Mercedes and HYMER options. This is a special edition which lives up to its billing.
Looking for a campervan that can handle the most difficult terrains? The Grand Canyon S packs the punch you need for genuine off-road adventure.
HYMER Camper Van Free 540 Blue Evolution is sporty, rammed with high-tech features and big on storage. Little wonder, then, it's been highlighted as the perfect starter camper van.
Dethleffs Just Go T 7055 DBL doesn’t just look great, it drives like a dream as well. Built on the Ford Transit, this impressive semi-integrated motorhome is a great option for a newcomer or for the discerning driver looking for plenty of bang for their buck.
Boasting a huge U-shaped layout right across the back, the Grand Alpa I 7820-2 is the ultimate choice for those who want to use their motorhome for entertaining.
The integrated Esprit I 7150-2 EB has undergone a significant re-design and is the pinnacle of the Dethleffs range. Expect the highest standards from this stunning year-round explorer.
The stunning Dethleffs Globebus T001 offers all-round appeal with driving ease and sumptuous interior. Its streamlined body makes it perfect for tight city streets and winding lanes yet there’s ample room inside to enjoy the comforts you’d expect from this luxury brand.
You’re unlikely to find a better pound-for-pound motorhome than the Dethleffs Trend T 7057 EBL. With a lengthy spec list and an electric drop-down bed, this is a motorhome which offers extreme value.
The superb I 338 from renowned German manufacturer Carado is a remarkable all-rounder: with its compact, lightweight frame suited to any type of journey, but with an unmistakeable taste of quality to satisfy today’s traveller.
The Carado V337 is the perfect steppingstone for those moving on from a touring caravan or camper van. This is an affordable motorhome - but still built to German standards.
The Carado T 459 is more than a match for many motorhomes with much higher pricetags. It comes will all the functionality you'd expect from Carado - but with stylish touches aplenty.
The smallest of Carado’s camper van range, the CV 540 is the perfect choice for couples or small families who want to explore off the beaten track.