Motorhome Cleaning Tips

As the new touring season approaches, our thoughts turn to ensuring our beloved van are in tip top condition and any problems that may have occurred over the winter have been dealt with before you begin your travels.

Our tips for cleaning your motorhome for the touring season

Our experts wanted to make sure you all get the most of the season and have gathered together a few tips to make sure this year’s journeys are trouble free.

The Water System

  • Make sure you clean the water filter using manufacturer’s instructions. The filter is too coarse to trap bacteria so needs to be removed and cleaned to ensure the water system is bug-free.
  • Flush out and sterilise the tank. Once drained, both the inboard and underfloor tanks will contain residual water which create excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. Use a reputable solution to sterilise both tanks for the coming season.
  • Sterilise and flush out the system. You will have left the taps and shower controls open when you closed up your motorhome last season. You can now shut these off and flush through the whole system using same solution used to clean the tanks.

The Gas System

  • Check the fridge is cooling correctly and no insects have got into the system over the winter months
  • Check the hob and oven, ensuring the gas and air mixture is correct. Remember, if the flame has yellow tips, it requires adjusting by a CORGI registered technician
  • Again, the inspection of the space and blown-air heating systems should be done in the same way as the oven and hob. If the flame is any other colour than blue, turn the heating off and contact a CORGI registered technician to fix the problem
  • Never attempt to fix gas related problems yourself, always use a CORGI registered technician

The Electrical Systems

  • Check the mains for signs of corrosion, both at the contacts of your appliances or at the 12V earth
  • Turn lights on and off one by one. If a light fails, turn off the power and check bulb is working, clean contacts and return. If any problems are still apparent contact a qualified electrician

The Toilet / WC Areas

  • Check the blade of the waste tank for signs of damage to the lipseal. If any leaks occur, lubricant must be applied. Once leaks have been eliminated, the waste chamber can be charged
  • Flush through the freshwater tank to remove algae, then add a reputable water rinse to keep the water fresh

Cassette Blinds

  • Check tension on cassette blinds. These will have been left in the open position over the winter as the closed position can weaken the springs
  • Maintenance of your vehicle is easy with Travelworld Motorhomes
  • We have a vast range of accessories to ensure your motorhome is in tip top condition for the new touring season

If you are looking for more help and advice when it comes to maintaining your motorhome then please get in touch with our aftersales team.

We have decades of combined servicing experience and our team is more than happy to chat to you about any concerns you have to do with keeping your van in tip top shape.

If you would like further details please get in touch with us.