Esprit I 7150-2 EB is the big news for 2021

Dethleffs Esprit I 7150-2 EB Review

A highly-winterised motorhome available in four different layouts

Revamped Dethleffs Esprit perfect for year-round travels

The stunning Dethleffs Esprit I 7150-2 EB is the headline news for the Erwin Hymer Group this year.

Re-launched for this season, the integrated Esprit I 7150-2 EB has undergone a significant re-design and stands proudly at the top of the Dethleffs range.

One key selling point of the Esprit I 7150-2 EB is its high winterisation characteristics, making it the ideal choice for year-round explorers and ski fanatics. This is primarily achieved through an aluminium skin as well as a full double floor with a depth of 26cm, which also creates handy storage areas.

There is also full warm water heating from industry leader Alde, and a garage measuring 105cm x 120cm, which is comfortably large enough for multiple pieces of ski equipment. The payload is 725kg.

The 7.81m-long Esprit I 7150-2 EB is available in four different layouts. This particular model reviewed here is the EB version, which includes single beds to the rear, but the motorhome can also be optioned to have an island double at the back of the vehicle.

In similar vein, here we have an L-shaped lounge, but you could instead opt for the currently popular face-to-face sofas.

The new modern design is apparent as soon as you enter the vehicle, which includes many touches of luxury, including Noce Nagano top lockers – which appear almost metallic – and cab chairs with tall backrests and air suspension. There’s even neat sun blinds provided for the cab side windows.

There is an electric drop-down bed above the cab measuring in at a very reasonable 200cm x 150cm. Beds can be left made-up, meaning you’re ready to sleep within minutes of pushing the button.

The kitchen and lounge are well-sized – and not just in length and width. Headroom is at least 200cms in these areas, which really adds to the feeling of overall space and comfort. The skylight is always welcomed, though there’s ample ambient lighting also. There’s a tall Dometic fridge/freezer and, unusually, the oven is found above this.

Drawers are used instead of cupboards throughout, and all can be electrically centrally locked during travel to ensure there is no flying cargo.

Then there’s the familiar split en suite with two doors, one to separate the toilet and one the washroom. The shower comes with frosted doors that join together magnetically.

This model comes with a 2.3L engine and 180bhp, as well as automatic cab air-con, twin-lens reversing camera and a fully automatic nine-speed ZF gearbox.

And the Esprit I 7150-2 EB is as beautiful on the outside at is on the inside, with curves in all the right places and 16-inch alloys. Exterior graphics can also be added to give your motorhome a personal feel.

Finished to the very highest standards, as you’d expect from any Dethleffs vehicle, the Esprit I 7150-2 EB is a motorhome with the potential to produce many years of travelling fun.