A sporty camper van with style

HYMER Camper Van Free 540 Blue Evolution Review

A special edition model with state-of-the-art tech and enviable comfort


When HYMER introduce what they call a special edition model, there is every reason to sit up and take notice – and the Free 540 Blue Evolution certainly doesn’t disappoint.

This is very much a home from home and, for many people, it’s the perfect starter camper van for those looking to enjoy adventures on the road for the first time.

The first eye-catching feature of the Blue Evolution is the sporty exterior design.

The bicolour exterior featuring the Metallic Storm Blue brings a truly modern feel, enhanced further by the 16” alloy wheels.

Inside the camper van, the Kitami upholstery complements the Grand Oak cabinetry perfectly to provide a clean and sleek predominately white and grey look.

From a driving perspective, there is also plenty to admire. Built on the heavily acclaimed Fiat Ducato chassis, the model is equipped with a 9 speed ZF automatic transmission gearbox while cruise control brings more than a semblance of calmness to even the most daunting and demanding of journeys.

One of the biggest aspects to admire about the Blue Evolution is the utilisation of space for what is, in the grand scheme of camper vans and motorhomes, a relatively small vehicle.

At 5.41m long, this is by no means the biggest camper van on the market. However, there is more than ample room for luggage and storage – aided by a handy utensil bag in the entrance area – without compromising on the level of comfort enjoyed on a relaxing evening.

What’s more, the large double rear transverse bed doesn’t provide the only sleeping potential in this motorhome. A pop-top, elevating roof makes it more than viable for four people to put their heads down for the evening, despite the compact layout.

In addition, the available living area can be easily expanded when you arrive at your latest destination with an anthracite-coloured awning which comes included in the package.

Unsurprisingly considering this is a HYMER model, the Free 540 Blue Evolution contains no shortage of state-of-the-art technological feature to make your experience all the more enjoyable.

These include the Fiat multimedia system which has a seven-inch navigation device to plan all your routes and Apple CarPlay.

And, if there are young travellers in the party, an integrated SOFIX child seat mount gives that extra assurance.

With a sizeable kitchen – including a large fridge which can be opened from both sides and a two-burner hob with adjacent fridge area – and a spacious bathroom, the domestic needs of all travellers are more than catered for.

This truly is a home from home for many and the perfect camper van to take to the road in for those looking for a memorable holiday in a truly functional, modern and enjoyable environment.