Difference Between Motorhomes And Caravans

When considering whether you'd prefer a caravan or motorhome, it's key to known the difference between motorhomes and caravans. Read our guide

There are, of course, many obvious differences between a caravan and a motorhome but when it comes to choosing which one to buy, what differences do you really need to consider?

How do you like to move about when on tour?

The number one consideration when looking at the differences between caravans and motorhomes is whether or not you would like holidays where you can move from one destination to the next in reasonably short succession. If you would rather stay in one spot for a more prolonged period of time, then you might decide on a caravan but a motohome allows you to move around more freely.

What are the depreciation differences between a motorhome and a caravan?

If you are wondering what the depreciation of a caravan is compared to a motorhome then this depends on the individual model. It will also depend on what the market is like at the time of sale. Also, when assessing costs, remember to factor in costs that a tow car attracts too.

Towing differences

It’s personal choice whether or not you feel more comfortable towing a caravan with your car or if you want to tow a run around car with your motorhome. It can feel more stable to tow a small car with a motorhome in windy weather but many people do opt for towing a caravan too. Try out both when you are deciding and see how comfortable you feel with each. The level of comfort you feel is very important as you will be doing this for a while on long-haul journeys!

How does security compare?

In terms of security, motorhomes usually have an engine immobiliser and an alarm fitted; trackers may also be fitted to motorhomes and high secirty locks are available for both caravans and motorhomes.

What about differences using facilities while travelling?

Some of the facilities on board a motorhome can be used while travelling, this will vary and you will need to ask your motorhome dealer when you purchase, but you can sometimes use the water boiler and sockets in a motorhome while on the move which can be handy for charging devices and rehydrating.

Manoeuvering differences

Motorhome manoeuvering is simple because it is in one piece! Many people find manoevering caravans just as simple and the skill comes with a bit of practice. Many people find it easier to level a caravan because there are fewer points to level out. With a motorhome there are four wheels which need to be levelled, but ramps are available and drivers can get this down to a fine art.

Sightseeing while on tour – Caravans versus motorhomes

Getting out to tourist spots while holidaying in your motorhome is straightforward. Of course, your items on board will need to be put away safely so they don’t move while you are driving but after a few times you will get used to putting your things away in a certain order and it will be become second nature.

In addition, with a motorhome you will be able to stop off at dedicated motorhome stop over sites in Europe, for example, Aires in France. Generally speaking caravans are not permitted on these spots but they can be in some places, you will need to check before hand if you have a caravan.

* please note – some models may differ