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When visiting the Erwin Hymer Centre (Travelworld) web sites, the Company may collect and process personal data (“Personal Data”)about you.The “Controller” who is responsible for the processing of such “Data” is the Finance Controller which is in accordance with this Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) which is compliant with the Data Protection Act 1979 and the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and the GDPR regulations 25th May 2018.This “Privacy Notice” sets out the personal data Travelworld collects and for which purposes the Personal data will be used and processed by us.Throughout this Privacy Notice, the term “Processing” is used to cover all activities involving your Personal data, including collecting, handling, storing, sharing, accessing, using, transferring and disposing of that information (“Data”).


Travelworld uses cookies and other similar techniques to collect information about you and your device (such as a phone or computer) when you visit our website.  These are used for marketing research purposes so that we know how our customers get in touch with us.


We collect personal data from you such as your name and email address if you choose to contact us through the website.


If you sign up to subscribe to newsletters, catalogues, event invitations and NEC tickets, special offers and such or purchase a vehicle through the web site on a one time basis, we will process your personal data for the purpose of providing you with what you have requested.  The personal data we will collect includes your first and surname; your email address and phone number and possibly your home address.  The legal basis for the processing of this information is that the processing of this is necessary in order to fulfil our legitimate interest to provide you with what you have requested.

Our website may allow you to purchase a vehicle or parts and the collected personal data is of legitimate interest to enable us to respond and manage your purchase request.

If you are lodging a complaint or making a comment about our products and services we will also collect and process your data in order to fulfil our legitimate interest to manage, investigate and respond to your complaint.

If you have a vehicle under warranty and contact us through our website with an issue your data will be collected and processing in order to fulfil our legitimate interest to manage your warranty claim.

If you are contacting us through our web site regarding a vehicle order you have placed with us again your date will be collected and processed in order to fulfil our legitimate interest in managing your order.

If you have contacted us through our website to apply for a job vacancy, your data will be collected and processed in order to fulfil our legitimate interest in managing your application.  Your details will be shredded after the recruitment process has been completed.  No personal data will be kept by our HR Department unless specifically expressed that you wish to do so.  You will be contacted again after a period of 3 months to ascertain if you still wish this data to be kept or destroyed.

If you have contacted us for the purposes of renting a motorhome from us for your holiday, your data will be collected and processed in order for us to fulfil our legitimate interest in managing your request for a rental vehicle.  You may be contacted at a later date with any special offers relating to rental of vehicles.


Your personal details will be stored to comply with legal obligations such as accounting if you have purchased a vehicle, parts or services from us.  This will include your full name, email address, home address, transaction data and any other information for this purpose.

Your personal data will also be kept if you have purchased a vehicle, parts or services from us for the purposes of establishing, exercising and defending any legal claims in the unlikely event of a dispute between Travelworld and yourselves.   This is a legitimate basis for the processing of the above to fulfil our legitimate interest to establish, exercise and defend any legal claims.


This data will be kept for the longevity of the vehicle to fulfil our legitimate interest in the life of the vehicle.  Thereafter it will be destroyed.

The date will, from time to time be cleansed and you may receive notification asking you if you still wish to be on our database


Your data will not be shared with any party outside of the Erwin Hymer Group or Fiat, however occasionally we may seek your permission to provide a third party supplier (such as Dometic/Truma/Alde/Oyster) with your information to allow them to contact you directly regarding a fault or customer service follow-up.  The Erwin Hymer Group, based in Germany is compliant with data protection EU/EEA legislation.

The exception to this is where data may be requested by an a court of law or outside counsel and the purpose of this transfer will be to exercise, establish or defend legal claims to fulfil ours and your legitimate interest to have any disputes settled by a court of law.


Travelworld will take stops in accordance with the GDPR legislation to keep your personal data accurate and up to date.  You are entitled to request access to personal data kept and processed by Travelworld at any time you so wish.  If you identify that any personal data related to you is incomplete or incorrect you are entitled to have the personal data corrected.   You are also entitled to receive a copy of the personal data undergoing processing.

At any time you have the “Right to be Forgotten” for any marketing, invitations, special offers etc. which you can access easily by using the “opt out” function where you may de-register from further communication.

Your data may still be stored for legitimate interest on the vehicle you have purchased for the lifetime of the vehicle which is lawful but you will cease receiving any further communication from Travelworld.

If you wish to complain about the way any data is stored or processed, please lodge your complaint to the Data Controller who is the Finance Controller at Erwin Hymer Centre (Travelworld); Valley Drive, M6 Junction 14, Stafford ST16 1NZ

Additional Information

Please refer to the European Commission Official Website for online dispute resolution legislation.

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