Motorhome and Camper Van Help and Advice

Welcome to our help and advice section. We are often asked a range of questions by potential and existing Travelworld customers. These include technical, support, maintenance and safety questions. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked ones in our help and support section for you below.

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Parking up for the night can be a bit of a minefield, so keep on the right side of the law and parking wardens by knowing where you can and cannot park.
Having a disability doesn’t mean that camping, caravanning or going on holiday in a motorhome has to be a thing of the past.
If you’re new to the world of caravanning, camping or motorhoming it’s likely you’ll want to find your feet and have many questions.
We get asked a lot of questions about motorhomes from a technical perspective. We’ve pulled together some pages to help answer some of the more frequent ones
Health and safety is of primary importance when taking your family in a motorhome. We've pulled together some guides to help you on your way
Incorrectly distributed weight and over-loading the weight of your motorhome can result in serious road accidents which is why both of these issues are subject to strict legal guidelines across the globe.
For those familiar with the world of motorhomes you’ll know there is a whole vocabulary set aside for ‘Motorhome talk’. For newcomers, a good starting point for learning the lingo is to become familiar with some of the names used for different models and builds of motorhomes.
Like any other vehicle (or home), a motorhome or caravan needs tlc to keep it in tip top condition. We’ll pulled together some guides to keep your van in prime condition.