Motorhome Tyre Safety

Here are a few things worth remembering when it comes to motorhome tyre safety

October is Tyre Safety month, a campaign designed to raise awareness of tyre safety for all vehicles on UK roads. It is backed up by not for profit organisation, TyreSafe which also encourages motorhome owners to ensure tyres are fit for purpose.

There is lots of support across the country for the initiative which urges vehicle owners not to ‘fit and forget’ when it comes to tyre safety. The campaign specifically encourages owners to go for monthly checks on their tyres to check for correct tyre pressures.

At this time of year it is particularly pertinent to get tyres checked by your motorhome dealer. Winter weather can be a catalyst for accidents where tyres are not up to standard.

Tyre Safety Tips For Your Motorhome

Here are a few things worth remembering when it comes to motorhome tyre safety:

  • Give your motorhome tyres a full visual inspection looking at the sidewall area of the tyre which could have sun damage, presented by rubber cracking
  • Stones and glass chips can get stuck in your treads and should be removed. You should also check your tread depths
  • It is advisable to check your tyre pressures in cold weather and before you have driven your motorhome. There can be an increase in PSI if your tyres are warmer than usual resulting in an inaccurate reading. Also, you can check pressures for your tyres on Tyre Safe website

TyreSafe Chairman, Stuart Jackson says: “As the nights start to draw in and the weather deteriorates, it’s essential that drivers ensure that their tyres are safe and fit for the winter ahead.”

  • “Spending just a few minutes checking your tyres before travelling can save caravan and motorhome owners from a host of problems. Of course, if you’re not confident of what to look for or in any doubt then we’d advise you to visit your local tyre deal and seek some professional advice.” Says Jackson

Motorhome Tyre Safety Is Important Says Industry Expert

Speaking about the importance of tyre safety, a spokesman for TyreSafe said that tread depth is a number of key issues relating to safety, adding: “There isn’t a substitute for getting down and dirty, checking the state of your tyres regularly. Particularly with the current state of UK roads.”

Getting Your Tyres Checked At Travelworld Motorhomes

If you are looking for that extra peace of mind before you begin your autumn travels in your motorhome then please get in touch with our friendly and experienced aftersales team at Travelworld Motorhomes.

Our AWS Approved Workshop will ensure that any work done on your motorhome, including tyre fitting, is completed to the highest of standards. Please call our motorhome servicing team for more tyre safety advice on 0844 880 4938.

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