• What are your opening times?

To view our opening times for service and sales, please click here.

  • Can I stay overnight on your premises?

Unfortunately, we do not allow overnight stays here at our premises. However here are a list of local campsites you could stay at.

All the above campsites are open all year round.

Buying a Motorhome

  • Do I need a special driving licence?

If you are below the age of 70 and passed your driving test before January 1st 1997 then the answer is no. You can drive any motorhome up to the weight of 7500kg.

However, if you took your driving test after January 1st 1997 or are over the age of 70 a medical test or additional test will be required.

  • What is payload?

The Payload is the difference between the weight of an empty motorhome and the plated weight. When purchasing your motorhome our sales team will be able to tell you the payload of your vehicle.

  • Does my motorhomer or camper van need an MOT certificate?

Yes, it is the same principle as a car. Your motorhome or Camper Van will need an MOT when it reaches three years of age, and every year after that. Book into our service centre to get your Camper Van an MOT.

  • Do I need a Television licence in a motorhome?

Yes, if you have a TV licence at your registered home address you will be able to us your Motorhome Tv with this licence. If you do not have a home address you will need to purchase one for your motorhome.

  • What deposit will I need to secure a motorhome?

For most of our motorhomes we require a 10% deposit to secure the vehicle. However, on some of our Motorhomes and Camper vans we may occasionally require a slightly bigger deposit of 20%.

Traveling Safely in your Motorhome

  • Can I use my motorhome ‘off grid’?

Yes, you can take your motorhome off grid however, if you do so there are many things to consider. Are you parking your motorhome in a safe and legal place? It is also worth considering the length of your trip in terms of if you will have enough power source for your stay, factors such as heating and cooking can cause this to drain. Solar panels can be very handy when taking your motorhome off grid, check them out in our parts shop here.

  • Can I tow a small car behind my motorhome?

In the UK there is no law that specifies if you can or can’t tow a small car. However, if you decide to use an A-frame be sure to meet the technical requirements for a trailer. Effective brakes, handbrake etc.

However, in Europe most countries specifically prohibit towing a car in this way and you may be at risk of being stopped if you do so. We would advise it better to tow a car on a braked trailer instead. This would mean all 4 of the car’s wheels are off the road.

  • Do motorhomes require seat belts for their rear seats?

If traveling in a motorhome you must wear a seatbelt. If there is a seat without a seat belt you should not travel sitting in this seat. There are different rules regarding seat belts that you can read our blog here, but the short answer to the question is, yes if you are in a moving motorhome you must be wearing a seatbelt. It is also illegal for people to be in the beds of the motorhomes while it is moving.

  • How can I protect my motorhome from theft?

Most motorhomes are stolen from insecure storage compounds, closely followed by home address. A combination of good quality safety products such as steering wheel locks and tracking devices are most effective. A lot of insurance companies now require new motorhomes to have an alarm and tracker installed on the vehicle.

Servicing your vehicle

  • Can I have my non-franchise vehicle serviced and MOT’d at Travelworld?

Yes, we are a FIAT approved workshop and can service and MOT most motorhomes and camper vans. However, we will be unable to carry out any warranty work on non-franchise vehicles.

  • How long is the warranty on the vehicles?

Your habitation warranty lasts for 2 years. Your damp warranty will vary depending on the motorhome you have. However generally speaking it will last between 5-6 years.

  • How often do I need my Motorhome servicing?

You motorhome will need to be serviced annually. Some chassis providers may suggest alternative time scales.

  • How do I prepare my Motorhome for the winter?

Here is some advice from us here at Travelworld on how to winterise your motorhome.