Sleek, sporty – and each one unique

Niesmann + Bischoff Flair 920

Almost 35,000 customisable options make every motorhome special

The new Flair 920 – when you don’t want to compromise

If you’re of an indecisive nature, the Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 – redesigned for 2023 – might prove to be a challenge.

Niesmann+Bischoff Flair seating area Not only does this flagship vehicle have 128 customisable options for the exterior, there are a staggering 34,560 options for the interior. It may take you a while to choose what you want, but you can pretty much guarantee that you will never meet another motorhome like yours.

At 9.27m long, the four-berth liner is based on an Iveco Daily and has a gross weight of 7,200kg. It has a three-litre engine with up to 210PS and comes with twin rear wheels and there is an option for an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox.

The new Flair 920 is a premium liner like no other: sleek and sporty on the outside (with heaps of clever storage) and reimagined on the inside, with first-class materials throughout and clever interior design tricks that pack in more storage than ever.

While the cockpit will be familiar to drivers of N+B deluxe motorhomes, you’ll find some changes: there are air bags on both the driver and passenger side, while the ergonomics and handling are improved for a really comfortable drive.

Niesmann+Bischoff Flair next to sail boat

When it comes to relaxing after a long journey, the driver and passenger seats revolve into the lounge area, to create additional seating, but because the table can slide over, it is easier for people to walk to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom without disturbing the other passengers.

The personalisation options mean you can choose the A-class drop-down bed for the cab or you can go for additional cupboards, creating a spacious cockpit area.

A great deal of thought has gone into the interior design: the TV has been moved so that it is housed in a cupboard between the sofa and kitchen and rises at the touch of a button, while the intelligent lighting system can create different moods. From the high-quality felt wall to the gorgeous wood veneer kitchen cupboards with hybrid hob and optional hidden extractor, the Flair 920 is a home from home.

Niesmann+Bischoff Flair exteriod hab door

The bathroom and bedroom are also out of this world. You’ll find no GRP (fibreglass) in the huge shower – the materials have been upgraded – and the designer sink, in either glass or mineral, provides a touch of five-star hotel class. A glass screen, which changes opacity at the touch of a button, between the bedroom and bathroom adds a bit of fun.

The Flair 920 has some neat little touches on the exterior, too. The Ad Blue tank has been moved so it is easily accessible, next to the diesel filler tank, and there is a new UV water treatment system. The capacity of the fixed toilet tank has increased from 120 litres and 200 litres and there is more storage than ever before – the rear garage can easily accommodate a motorcycle and lots of luggage, while other compartments come with removable containers.

While the lithium battery comes as standard, this can increase to 6×100 Ah lithium batteries. With 370 litres of fresh water capacity and 250 litres of grey water, it has never been easier to be self-sufficient.

When you don’t want to compromise, the Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 920 is the obvious choice. It’s an absolute stunner.

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