Types Of Motorhomes

Getting started on your journey into the world of motorhoming? Read our guide to different types of motorhomes there are to consider which is best for you

Types of motorhomes

Having your own motorhome gives unrivalled flexibility over your holidays, and many thousands of people spend their weekends and free time exploring the UK and even further afield. Motorhomes offer several advantages over a tent and caravan, the main one being that their use is more flexible and they are often more compact. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new motorhome, here are a few key types of van to help you start considering which is best for you.

Micro Motorhomes

The smallest type of motorhome on the market, this type is really just an adapted car, people carrier or small van. Most can provide sleeping berths for two people, along with basic cooking and storage facilities. It is also the cheapest to buy, and as the size is so compact, can be easily parked and manoeuvred without any difficulty. The restricted size is also the main disadvantage though, but they are the ideal choice for using as infrequent accommodation, or for a single traveller.


The iconic campervan has been around for years, and along with several similar models, shows no signs of falling from popularity. This type of van is small enough to double up as a family car, and will provide sleeping accommodation for two people. This is a very popular type of vehicle for those looking to head off on an adventure or staycation.

Coachbuilt Motorhome with Over-Cab Accommodation

This is the most common type of motorhome you’ll see on the British roads and is designed with either a large storage area or a bed over the top of the driving cab. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle this type is often larger, and will accommodate as many as six people along with the usual kitchen and storage areas. Some will even have a small bathroom. There are obviously many manufacturers of these types of vehicles and both new and used models are readily available so when shopping around, there are plenty to chose from.


This type of motorhome is larger and often made in Europe and imported to the UK. They also differ from coachbuilts in that the cab does not appear as separate to the living area, and the motorhome appears more integrated. As the size is larger, there is more space for the luxuries such as a shower, fridge or other kitchen appliances. Bear in mind that depending on the restrictions on your driving licence, you may need to pass an additional test for this type of motorhome.

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

These types of motorhomes are the American classic, a huge motorhome which can be the size of the average coach. The size of these vary enormously, as does what facilities they have inside. They often offer high levels of luxury, but the compromise is that they can be more difficult to manoeuvre, may be left hand drive, and the fuel economy can be poor. RVs can also be very expensive to purchase, especially at the top end of the market.