Find out what you can expect from our Service Department from the booking in to picking your motorhome up.

1. A week before your scheduled appointment, our service team will reach out to you for a pre-call to confirm your booking and finalise any details.

Carol on the phone to a customer2. To facilitate your entrance through the barrier upon arrival, we will ensure that your registration plate is registered on the ANPR system.

3. Upon your arrival, our friendly Reception team will welcome you and introduce you to your dedicated Service Advisor, who will oversee your vehicle’s service journey.

4. Your Service Advisor will accompany you to your vehicle, addressing any concerns that require attention during its stay with us and reviewing all tasks to be completed.

5. If you choose to remain on-site, you will be guided to our customer lounge, where you can enjoy hot and cold beverages. Additionally, our customer Wi-Fi is available for your laptop use, whether for work, gaming, or simply relaxing and watching TV.

6. Throughout your stay, you can anticipate regular updates to keep you informed about the progress of the service.

7. Weather permitting, your vehicle will receive a courtesy wash and cleaning.
Motorhome being washed from a platform

8. For those who have booked, a well-maintained courtesy car will be prepared at the front of the building to minimise any delays. We recommend pre-booking with your advisor to ensure availability.

9. After the repair, your Service Advisor will inspect the vehicle to ensure all requested tasks have been completed as specified.

10. To provide a comprehensive overview, your Service Advisor will revisit your vehicle with you to thoroughly discuss the completed task list.

11. Approximately two days following your visit, you can expect a follow-up phone call. However, please feel free to contact us earlier if any issues arise before this scheduled follow-up time.