We embrace tomorrow to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Behaving in the most environmentally responsible way we can is important to our team and our customers.

We work closely with our supply chain partners to continually investigate opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions.

From supplying motorhomes with the latest Euro-6 compliant chassis, to introducing environmentally friendly lighting, heating and energy solutions at our own sales centre, we are truly committed to safeguarding the planet.

We also play an active role in the Staffordshire Business & Environment Network, a Staffordshire County Council-backed group which takes practical steps on developing and implementing environmental policies, to support and steer action in our local community.

Key performance indicators:

  • We work closely with our supply chain to ensure we sell the most environmentally friendly Euro compliant engines.
  • We use renewable energy to heat our sales centre.
  • We are reducing our kWh electricity consumption by installing solar panels, LED lighting and motion sensors.
  • We will reduce our administrative paper usage by 20%
  • We are introducing electric vehicle charging points for our colleagues and customers.

OUR CUSTOMERSLovely customers on their handover day

From sales to after care service we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and this doesn’t stop at environmental credentials.

All our luxury motorhomes are manufactured with the latest Euro-6 compliant engine, making them the cleanest diesel motorhome on the market.

We see motorhomes as a more sustainable way of travelling, cutting the need for air travel.

We do not sell any vehicles aged over five years, making our range among the most environmentally friendly on sale.


We are committed to ensuring all our waste is disposed of in a responsible manner and work hard to reduce the amount sent to landfill.

Recycling at TravelworldAround 50% of our waste is recycled and our workshop team have strict processes in place to dispose of engine oil responsibly.

Our operation is becoming increasingly paperless. Our colleagues are working hard to reduce paper consumption by improving processes and implementing software changes. By the end of December 2023, we aim to reduce our paper usage within the sales admin department by 20%. This equates to a reduction of 950 sheets per month and 11,400 sheets per year. We also have collection points in place to recycle ink cartridges and batteries.

At Travelworld our colleagues play an active role in waste management, and we have a working group which looks to identify opportunities to reduce waste in the operation.


Our purpose built sales centre in Stafford, where we moved in 2018, is heated using biomass, a 100% renewable energy source which uses a wood pellet burning system to heat the entire site. This is a more environmentally friendly solution to using gas.

Biomass at TravelworldBy using biomass to heat our site, we are generating 10.74kg of CO2 per 1,000 kWh of energy generated. This is compared to 202.26kg of CO2 burned if we were to generate 1,000 kWh of energy burning natural gas. This is equivalent to using 95% less CO2 per 1,000 kWh of energy.

Compared to our previous site, we consume less than 50% of our previous energy consumption.


Our premises were designed and built to incorporate energy efficient technology to reduce overall consumption.

LED Lighting at TravelworldOur sales centre and workshop features LED lighting, and all our lights are fitted with motion sensors so that we are only using the energy we need.

The majority of our company car fleet is fully electric and we are increasing the number of electric courtesy cars for customers.

Going forward we plan to install 300 solar panels on the roof of our sales centre. Based on our average kWh consumption on a standard tariff, it is estimated that we can make a saving of £27,000 per year in energy costs. We will also be introducing electric vehicle charging points for our colleagues and customers to utilise, reducing traditional fuel consumption.


Great Crested Newts at TravelworldAs well as being home to our sales centre, our site in Stafford is home to two pools for crested newts. We worked with partners to ensure the local wildlife is supported, allowing us to operate while supporting the preservation of habitat for a range of species.

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