Campsite Hazards To Avoid

It’s always worthwhile knowing campsite hazards to avoid so that you can take more care with risks which could ruin your holiday and put you in danger

Camping and caravanning isn’t one of the activities most of would immediately think of when considering risk-filled holidays. Most people who head off for the freedom of a caravanning or motorhome holiday will not have any accidents at all, but there are risks on the average campsite which you don’t come across every day at home. It’s always worthwhile knowing campsite hazards to avoid so that you can take more care with risks.

Trips and Falls

If you’re used to good levels of lighting at home and street lighting when you’re out and about after dark at home, it can be a shock to find yourself in a pitch dark campsite with no lighting at all. It’s very easy to miss your footing in the dark and fall into a rabbit hole or trip over a rock you haven’t spotted, and even more common to trip over the guy ropes holding up the tent. Minimise risks by packing torches to help light the way back home late at night. Wind up torches aren’t reliable on batteries and are a great when camping, and head torches on a headband are a good choice for the kids.

Puncture wounds

How often have you spotted a loose tent peg and been tempted to push it back in with your foot? This is one of the most common causes of puncture wounds in the sole of your foot, and nothing will spoil your camping break more than crutches and a bandaged foot. Never be tempted to press on a tent peg with your foot, especially with bare feet but also with thin soled shoes or flip-flops. Always keep a rubber mallet close at hand for the job.


Cars, motorhomes and other vehicles are always moving around any campsite, and not all drivers adhere to the lower speed limits that many campsite owners ask for. The combination of excited children, relaxed adults, pets and traffic is not a good one, and accidents can easily happen. Remind your own children to take extra care, and if you’re driving your motorhome out of the campsite or hitching up your caravan to move on, always bear in mind that there may be people wandering around the site or children who are not expecting to come across a car.


Some campsites, especially in more rural areas of Britain, serve as camping spaces during the summer months and have livestock in them at other times of years. Some people who are fans of wild camping may often find themselves camping in very close proximity to sheep or other animals. Farm animals are not often dangerous but have to be treated with a healthy dose of respect. If there are animal droppings around the campsite, bear in mind that this can raise the risk of salmonella and E.coli, which can make children seriously ill. Reinforce the importance of handwashing regularly, and encourage your children not to pick up droppings or approach animals. Take advice from the campsite owner or farmer – they know their animals best.

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