Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Travelworld is a responsible business committed to taking the environment, our people, and our customers seriously.

Our values underpin everything we do. As a progressive family business we strive to make a positive difference in the areas of environment, social and corporate governance.

We embrace tomorrow to make sure we are reducing the environmental impact of our business, cutting our footprint in as many ways as possible.

Operating as a third-generation family-run business, we pride ourselves on putting our people at the heart, giving back to the community and wider society.

We also provide our team with opportunities to learn, develop and grow, to maximise their potential to support the long-term future of the business.

Our approach to corporate governance is based on our core values and behaviours that support the way we do business.

As a trusted name in the UK motorhome industry, we uphold the values of transparency, honesty, integrity and the protection of our customers, colleagues, and our community.

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Our Environmental Approach

Our Social Approach

Our Corporate Governance Approach