Choosing A Motorhome Layout

If you have chosen to buy a motorhome then one of the first things you will need to consider is which layout option is the best for you.

Below are some key considerations to make before deciding on your preferred motorhome layout:

What is the most important thing you are looking for in a motorhome?

It’s a good idea to jot a list down and assess the points in relation to prospective units.

Separate your list into ‘would likes’ and ‘must haves’. For example, you would ‘like’ to have a larger living space but you ‘must’ have 4 seatbelts, one for each of the family

Will you be entertaining guests in the unit?

If you envisage having guests over regularly then you will benefit from having a large lounging area with ample seating in your dining quarters.

What about storage?

If your intentions are for an all action holiday then think about where you will store all your equipment like bikes, surfing gear, climbing equipment etc. Storage is also important if you have young travellers with lots of paraphernalia, e.g. buggies, baby seats. Also if you are planning on a long journey then it is likely you will need more space than your average.

Think about how regularly you will be using the washing facilities. If it is not so regular and you will be using the outdoor toilets and showers more often than not, then perhaps the toilet and washroom space is something you can compromise on, allowing for more space in other areas.

How many people will be travelling with you?

This will immediately help you narrow down the search of the ideal layout.

Will you be taking pets?

Where will they travel within your motorhome? If this is a crate or cage then you will need to make sure there is a safe space available.

Consider some of the small and practical elements also, such as, can everyone fit around the dining table comfortably? How comfortable are the beds? Are they long enough for all passengers? Is the shower room spacious enough for all your needs?

Popular Motorhome Layouts

Some of the favourite layouts are listed below.

  • Front lounges usually have more seating space which is easy to convert into a double or single bed. This set up can restrict access through the lounge and into an over cab bed if there is one and washrooms at the back can sometimes be smaller.
  • Rear lounge layouts allow room for large windows letting in light and views and usually come with large double beds. Sometimes there are only two seatbelts available and they can feel less spacious.
  • Fixed beds are popular with those looking for home from home comfort. Sometimes referred to as island beds, they are a common feature of large and luxurious motorhomes. There is often useful storage space underneath island beds but this can restrict ceiling height space meaning it is more difficult to sit up in bed.

Each motorhome is different and your experts will be able to tell you more about the different layout options in a given model and what the benefits of those are. Please get in touch with the Travelworld sales team who can tell you more about what to look for when choosing a layout for your vehicle.

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