Solar Panel Advice

Solar panels are an efficient way to save money on a nightly electrical connection and they are also a highly convenient way to ensure life on the road is as free as you want it to be.

There are two main types of solar panel device that will harness the sun’s power, providing you with several hours of uninterrupted electrical supply; it’s just a matter of finding the right equipment that fits in to your lifestyle and needs.

Solar Showers

Solar showers have been on the market for many years, using a black container which is filled with water and left in the sun to heat up and generate your power. When you have finished using the shower, you simply let the hot water out of the container through a shower head.

PV (photovoltaic) Solar Panels

Using solar panels, the sun’s energy is converted into electricity in the panel, which is then stored in a leisure battery and released when an appliance is turned on. These seem more suited to life on the road, providing a quick, convenient source of power.

You can purchase portable or fixed solar panels, and some thought needs to be given to how you will use the panels and whether portable or fixed panels suit your lifestyle.

Things To Remember About Solar Panels

  • When using your solar panel, make sure that all cells are exposed to full sun. Even the thinnest shadow can make a difference to your power output.
  • Solar panels can work behind glass, but not to full capacity. As a general rule, using a solar panel behind glass extends its charging time by three times the normal time of using in full sun
  • Make sure you have the correct equipment for securing your solar panel to your motorhome. Some manufacturers have special adaptors, so it’s advisable to check before purchase
  • Ensure your solar panel is positioned on your motorhome to take full advantage of the sun
  • Make sure your leisure battery is in good condition, it’s no use creating all the energy from your panel for it to be wasted by a poorly maintained leisure battery.
    Don’t forget to purchase an inverter
  • Solar panels create a DC current, so if you want to use domestic appliances with your energy, an inverter is required to convert the power to AC