All About Awnings

We all know how great motorhomes are for holiday accommodation, flexible, portable and a cost effective way of providing your family with great memories for the years to come. But, no matter how large your motorhome, it’s always great to have some flexible floor space.

There are generally two types of awning on the market, canopy type awning and the ‘drive-away’ porch awning. Awnings are similar to tents, the selection of fabric, type of poles and the need for a groundsheet are considerations you need to take into account when purchasing your awnings.

The Drive-Away Awning

A drive-away awning is a self-supporting structure, which attaches to your motorhome’s awning rail. Drive-away awnings allow you to remove the awning and leave it on your allocated pitch whilst you and your family to move your motorhome for trips, shopping etc. without having to pack the awning away.

It provides you with a relatively solid structure which can withstand most weather conditions, so is perfect for storing all your outdoor equipment, muddy bikes, sandy bucket and spades, rain-soaked coats and boots, keeping the inside of your motorhome tidy.

Drive-away awnings are usually designed with a roll up front which provides a wind break in the event of a drop in temperature, making sure you can still enjoy the outdoors till late into the night and make the most of your precious holiday evenings.

The Canopy Awning

Canopy awnings come in two types: either temporarily or permanently fixed to your motorhome. Permanent awnings are fixed to your motorhome and roll out, like a roller blind and have integral poles that fold down to form stable legs. Some manufacturers provide fabric walls you can fix to the awning, allowing you to enclose the space around your pitch.

Things to consider:

  • Make sure you purchase hardened steel rock pegs, in case you arrive at a gravel hardstanding
  • Whilst in transit, make sure your awning is positioned securely and cannot move around your motorhome if you brake suddenly
  • Put a groundsheet down on muddy ground before you begin to unload your awning
  • This allows you to lay out your awning without it getting dirty
  • For speed, erect your awning with its side panels in place
  • In the event of wind, its best to remove the panels to avoid tearing your awning

Motorhome Awnings at Travelworld Motorhomes

Travelworld Motorhomes stock Fiamma awnings in a wide range of colours and sizes. Made from the latest technology in waterproof and durable material to make sure your awning can cope with the worst the British weather can throw at you.

If you are interested in purchasing an awning, either a drive-away or canopy style, our team at Travelworld Motorhome can advise and assist you. Give us a call on 0800 808 4938 or call in at our showroom, NCC approved workshop and service centre.