Buying Your First Motorhome

Buying your first motorhome can feel like a minefield. However, with a few helpful tips from us you will find that it is not as daunting as it first appears.

You are bound to have done some research if you are considering buying your first motorhome. If so, you will know that there are so many different makes, models, engine sizes and accessories available that it can feel a little overwhelming to a newcomer.

For both complete newcomers and those who have tentatively dipped their toe into the motorhome world, we hope that you will find some of our top tips and questions helpful in your quest for the perfect motorhome.

Common questions when purchasing a motorhome

Below are some of the most common questions you should ask before buying your first motorhome.

  1. What is the best time of year to purchase?
  2. There isn’t really a best time of year to buy, motorhomes are available all year round. For new RVs late summer is popular as vendors are often looking to sell last year’s stock.
  3. Are there any accessories I should get for my motorhome?
  4. If you want to take bikes it’s advisable to invest in a bike rack; if you want extra living space then it is worth thinking about an awning or if you need to access the top of your motorhome then fitting ladders is a good idea
  5. What kind of motorhome layout is best?
  6. There are numerous layouts available to suit your individual needs. For example, if you have small children who need peace to sleep then bunk beds to the rear are a good idea
  7. What size and weight of motorhome should I be buying?
  8. This will depend on which home is best for your needs. American motorhomes are popular with families because of the space they offer. These are larger and therefore heavier. Smaller homes, for example, the 2 berth Chausson Flash 03 is lighter in weight due to its smaller size
  9. Should I buy a second hand or new motorhome?
  10. There are some extremely well looked after used motorhomes on the market and a lot of these come complete with accessories. Buying a brand new home, however, does mean that you can choose an extras you wish to have and you will have all the other advantages of being the first owner
  11. How long does it take to set up a motorhome?
  12. The beauty of a motorhome is that you are essentially all set up to go as soon as you arrive. If you’re in for a long stay then you will probably want to set up camping grills, awnings, outdoor and indoor rugs, chairs and tables

Tips before buying your motorhome

  • Be open minded about what type of home you want – you may end up with something you didn’t expect
  • Write down all the ideal things you want in a motorhome and all the things that are a necessity
  • Some dealers allow you to trial motorhomes before you buy them. This is a good way of getting a feel of what it is like to own and drive a motorhome and whether or not it is something for you
  • For used motorhome purchasers make the essential checks you would if you were buying a used car. i.e. check for rust, corrosion, or any other damage like leaks which could be a problem later on
  • Go to the trade shows and exhibitions and see some motorhomes in the flesh. Here you will be able to ask specific questions to ready and willing sales teams from various different brands all over the country.

Buying your first motorhome should be the start of a fun and exciting journey to the motorhome world. If you are interested in new or used vehicles.

Please contact our sales team at Travelworld RV on 0844 880 4398 and we will make the process as enjoyable and as simple as can be.