Buying Your Motorhome: Our Handover Day Checklist

You’ve spent months researching, scoping and inspecting. After much deliberation, you’ve made your choice on the perfect motorhome and the day has finally arrived: it’s handover day!

At Travelworld, we believe that the quality of our sold vehicle service and preparation should be as good as the products we represent. Working to the ‘bare minimum’ standards would not be expected by our customers, and is certainly not acceptable to ourselves. That’s why we offer a dedicated handover service with every purchase, taking you through every detail of your new motorhome or campervan.

It’s always a highly anticipated day for our customers — particularly if it’s their first motorhome — but it can feel like there’s a lot to remember. So, to make your handover even easier, we’ve put together some pointers that will make collecting your new prized possession a smooth ride.

Remember to sort your insurance

Purchase insurance to cover you and any other drivers from the day you collect your new motorhome or campervan. Whether your journey home is 15 minutes or three hours, driving without insurance is certainly not worth the risk.

When updating or renewing your policy, we recommend double-checking that your policy includes breakdown cover too. Your vehicle will of course be thoroughly checked and ready to go when it leaves us, but you never know when something could happen and you may need it!

Don’t forget about licensing

Our team will make you aware of your licensing requirements for your vehicle during your purchasing stage, but it’s then down to you to make sure you have your licence sorted for handover day.

The licence you need to drive a motorhome in the UK depends on your age and the vehicle’s maximum authorised mass (MAM). This is the vehicle’s weight plus the maximum load it can carry.

To drive a motorhome with a MAM of between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, you need a category C1 licence. To drive a motorhome with a MAM of over 7.5 tonnes, you need a category C licence.

If you don’t have the right licence, unfortunately we won’t be able to hand your motorhome over and nobody wants that disappointment.

Write a list of questions to ask

There’s a lot to take in when purchasing a motorhome, especially if it’s your first one. It’s very likely you will have a tonne of questions to ask — and we’re here to answer them! Anything that springs to mind, just note it down and we can run through it on your handover day. If you forget anything or have questions later on, we’re just a phone call away and are happy to help.

Get to know your motorhome

During your handover, we’ll provide you with a full rundown of your motorhome. A member of our team will show you where all of the main features are and how they work. Feel free to record any of our demonstrations so that you can refer back to when you’re off on your adventures.

Be paperwork ready

Bring along your contract and any other required paperwork. We’ll run through this on the day, but it’s always good to take a look beforehand and have it fresh in your mind. We’ll also be providing you with some instruction manuals and other useful paperwork — so be sure to keep these in a safe and secure place.

We also recommend familiarising yourself with the warranty and terms and conditions of your sale, just in case you need them in the future.

Book a one-night stay

There’s no better way to practice what you’ve learnt than to put it to use! Booking a short stay gives you a chance to practice everything you’ve been shown. If you’re traveling far to visit us, why not tie it in with our handover visit? Our team can recommend a number of lovely campsites across the UK.

Most importantly, enjoy!

It can take a while, particularly if you are new to motorhome life, but we are sure that after the first few trips out you will have a routine and place for everything. We can’t wait to hear about how you’re spending your time in your new motorhome. Do get in touch via our social media channels with pics from your adventures!

What are you waiting for? Start your adventure today with Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld. Visit our showroom just off junction 14 of the M6, Stafford, or find out more on our website:

Please feel free to contact us by using our form on our website here, if you have any specific questions about your motorhome handover day.

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