Luxury accommodation and Astley make for Classic weekend

Travelworld sales and marketing executive Harry Price tests the HYMER B-Class Masterline BML-I 790 – and finds it’s Never Gonna Make You Cry.

Getting to drive some of the most luxurious motorhomes in the world is one of the many perks of my job at Travelworld.

I’ve captained some of the most sought-after motorhomes on the market made by deluxe brands including HYMER and Niesmann+Bischoff.

I was particularly excited to have the opportunity to take the amazing HYMER B-Class Masterline BML-I 790 to the Silverstone Classic.

I recently obtained my C1 Licence which allows me to drive anything up to 7,500kg. It’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities and enabled me to take the flagship 790 for a spin.

Travelworld has two company motorhomes which are available for colleagues to use, but the 790 tends to be more available purely because fewer people have the C1.

Accompanied by two friends, I soon got used to the majestic vehicle, the driving position and the mirrors. Built on a superlight SLC chassis with the 2.2 Mercedes engine, it has to be the best motorhome I’ve driven when it comes to comfort.

I find in older motorhomes it’s difficult to know what gear to be in, but here the 9G automatic transmission – and the 170hp – makes it very easy.

Stafford to Silverstone is not the most taxing of journeys, but nevertheless the sat nav was very welcome.

We were only spending a couple of nights at Silverstone so we didn’t have an enormous amount of equipment with us but, for those longer trips, the double floor storage and large 450kg garage would be ideal.

There was a real mix of accommodation on site with lots of camper vans, motorhomes and tents. Once we’d found ourselves a spot in the vast fields, set up took minutes as we pulled the awning out, plugged in and relaxed.

The motorhome was easy to divide into two rooms so that two could use the island bed and one in the dropdown. There was more than enough room for the three of us – and four certainly wouldn’t have felt cramped.

The separate shower and toilet gave everyone the privacy they needed.

The 790 also has a warm water heating system and an integrated TV Oyster satellite system – not that we needed either as the weather was mild and the entertainment plentiful.

For those who have never been to the Silverstone Classic, it’s an excellent event centred around racing and music, with some food and displays on top. I thought it was cracking value for money as the tickets allowed access to all areas, including the paddocks if meeting the drivers is your thing.

Rick Astley was the evening headliner and, though I can’t profess to owning any of his music, it’s hard not to get excited when you’re surrounded by thousands of people signing Never Gonna Give You Up.

All in all, an excellent weekend and brilliant to be able to test the HYMER B-Class Masterline BML-I 790 out in the real world rather than in the showroom.

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