Manufacturer Warranties

September 2018

Our Warranties:

When you purchase from Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld all of our new vehicles are issued with the manufacturer’s standard warranty of 2 years.  This stays intact providing the annual habitation inspection and damp test has been carried out at a manufacturer’s approved dealer.  

These vehicles contain a 5 or 6 years water ingress warranty (dependant on manufacturer) and are subjected to the individual manufacturer recommended service and inspection intervals. 

Our pre-owned vehicles are supplied with our own 6 month back to base warranty. 
 At Travelworld, our factory trained technicians will know the history of your specific vehicle and we believe that they are the best to perform work on your vehicle 

We also offer MB&G aftermarket warranties, which are known to be the main aftermarket warranty provider in the motorhome industry. There are 3 choices of MB&G warranty covers sold in Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each warranty choice covers a select amount of appliances dependant on which warranty you decide on, with each all variant sold in either 1, 2 or 3 years. To find more information on MB&G please click here.

Starting a Claim

In the event that you feel like you have an issue with your vehicle that may be covered under manufacturer, back to base or MB&G warranty please email our Service Team [email protected] your report your incident. Pictures or videos are vital to support your claim and would give our technicians an advanced view on how to approach your issues with the necessary actions.