All the plush features – without the huge pricetag

Dethleffs Trend T 7057 EBL Review

Extensive list of specifications makes Dethleffs Trend T 7057 EBL a real bargain

Dethleffs Trend T 7057 EBL hits the style/value sweet spot

The Dethleffs Trend range boasts of being the “perfect price/performance ratio” – and it’s hard to argue with that.

If you’re looking for a sub-7.5m motorhome with some snazzy touches in the £68,000 region, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Trend T 7057 EBL.

The glorious thing about this model is the extensive list of specifications that come as standard on the UK models compared with its European counterpart.

Everything from a leather steering wheel to LED lighting, a TV bracket to an insulated water tank are the norm in the Blighty version, which is certain to cause an envious glance or two from over the Channel.

In fact, the spec list is so comprehensive that you’re unlikely to need to add many – if any – optional extras, meaning the price you see is most likely the price you pay.

The two key features of the Trend T 7057 EBL are the rear single beds and the face-to-face lounge.

The rear single beds offer roomy sleepy accommodation, accessed by a small step. And, should you wish, they can easily be transformed into a huge king-sized bed using an infill, though a ladder is now required to access.

Face-to-face lounges are growing in popularity. Here there are benches either side of a large split table, which can comfortably sit four people. The side-facing benches can, however, become travelling seats with a bit of manual labour.

Other than the opportunity to look your loved ones square in the eye over breakfast, the advantage of a face-to-face layout is you gain extra space in the kitchen area.

The Trend T 7057 EBL’s kitchen is fairly standard in that you get the oven/grill, three-burner hob and sink, but there is just a bit of extra room to manoeuvre, which is handy when you’re trying to collect a roast chicken from the oven.

A drop down bed is available and, unlike other models, this one is electric, which makes the whole process much easier. The beds can be left made-up when finished, meaning guests can be ready to kip in seconds.

There is another Trend model below 7m, but the extra half a metre does make a difference in that it allows for a separate bathroom. The shower is on the one side, and the toilet on the other. There is a door which separates the front of the vehicle from the back to offer privacy.

There are Remis blinds throughout and a large fridge freezer, as well as a larger-than-normal door (70cm) to enter the motorhome, complete with central locking.

Built on the ever-popular Fiat low platform chassis, this model benefits from a very reasonable 454kg payload, which should be plenty for the average traveller.

Designing a motorhome is always a careful balancing act between style, function, size and price. Dethleffs has barely missed a beat with this impressive motorhome.