Winter Tyres Guide

Use our Winter tyres guide before the cold and snow set in this season.

Currently in the UK it is not required by law to fit winter tyres to any vehicles, so the decision to fit winter tyres to your motorhome or American RV is a decision made solely by other factors. To help motorhome enthusiasts decide whether to switch to winter tyres in the colder season, or to stick to the regular ‘low tread’ tyres, we have focussed on three of these factors to support you to make the right choice for your motorhome or American RV.

Cost Of Winter Tyres

The price for a set of four tyres to fit your motorhome or American RV will start at approximately £500 and as with most items, the higher quality you purchase the more costly they become.

However, as winter tyres are only used in specific weather conditions and for relatively short periods of time (4-6 months), they can be used for a number of years if stored correctly in a dry space, your garage or loft for example. In addition, you may choose not to travel in the winter months for a couple of seasons, thereby spreading the cost of your investment over a longer period of time.

To help keep costs to a minimum, always remove your winter tyres when the bad weather conditions are over, as winter tyres wear rapidly in more clement weather, raising your overall tyre expenditure.

Choose your winter tyres carefully. True “winter tyres” which should only be used when the outside temperature is below approximately 8 degrees, differ from “mud and snow” tyres which are generally “all weather” tyres. The latter can be used in warmer conditions, making them a more popular UK choice, due to our changeable weather and milder climate in comparison to our more northerly European neighbours.

Winter Tyres and Driveability

Any experienced motorhome driver can bear witness to the difficulty of manoeuvring a motorhome or American RV on a muddy field or wet grass, the lack of grip provided by low tread motorhome tyres make a tricky task even more challenging.

Fitting winter tyres to your motorhome will provide the driver with a significant improvement in steering control, acceleration and a reduction in stopping distances during wet or icy conditions in comparison to regular tyres.

Consider Where You Plan To Visit

As stated earlier, although not a UK law necessity, fitting winter tyres in parts of Europe that experience heavy snowfall annually is a legal requirement. These laws ensure all vehicles, including your motorhome are better equipped to drive safely in treacherous conditions making the roads safe for all drivers.

Don’t forget to check the law in the country you intend to travel to (and possibly through) whilst you are planning your trip and to incorporate the cost of purchasing winter tyres into your budget if you are required by law to use them.