Know your motorhome: What are the different types of motorhome and what do they mean? 

Motorhome types and their differences – Which type of motorhome is right for you?

When browsing for your first motorhome, understanding the different models and types can be a little confusing. Nowadays, there are so many types of motorhomes and campers that it can difficult to know where to start.Is it integrated or semi-integrated? What class does it fall under? Is it considered a motorhome, or a campervan?

In this article we will help you understand the different types of motorhomes, what the varying options are in the UK and which one is right for you and your travels.

Integrated motorhomes or “A-class”

Niesmann + Bischoff iSmove in the mountains

Integrated or ‘Class A’ motorhomes are considered the most luxurious. The largest of the motorhomes, they have plenty of space and are as long as 9 metres in the UK and even longer in the US.

Integrated or A-class motorhomes come with a full range of appliances and amenities, such as a self-contained bathroom, spacious sleeping areas and a well-equipped kitchen and dining space.

With these extra comforts, A-class motorhomes are ideal for holidays with the family. Their heavy-duty chassis, host of amenities and ample storage space make them perfect for long trips, especially with children that need that extra space.

Take a look at some of our integrated motorhomes:

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Semi-integrated motorhomes

Carado T459 in the sunset

Semi-integrated motorhomes are typically smaller than an A-class, with a driver’s cab that is partially integrated into the living area.

They include all your basic amenities, such as sleeping space, shower and a toilet, but with a little less space and luxury than an A-class model.

The slightly smaller stature certainly has some benefits. Their size makes it easier to maneuver, making it ideal for road trips and off-road exploration – and easier to park in built-up areas. It’s also more economical fuel-wise and is suitable for winter – but can struggle to retain heat towards the driver’s cab.

It’s important to note that a semi-integrated vehicle is not automatically lesser than an A-class or integrated motorhome. It all depends on the brand and spec of the vehicle, so be sure to shop around and get some expert advice when selecting your vehicle.

Take a look at some of our semi-integrated models here:

What is an overcab motorhome?

An overcab motorhome is a vehicle that has an overcab bed or storage compartment above the driver’s cab.

Ideal for saving space, motorhomes with overcab beds are great for families.The Carado Overcab A-Series is a perfect example: accommodating up to six people, this motorhome has room for all your travelling needs. Equipped with a cleverly-designed fold-up alcove bed over the driver’s cab, this motorhome offers a comfortable night’s rest for two extra people. When not in use, it simply folds away, giving you ample room to roam, rest and relax in the living space.

What is a camper van?

Grand Canyon S camper van parked in the mountains

Camper vans are much smaller than ‘Class A’ or integrated motorhomes and are suited to short trips or weekend getaways.

Equipped with the basic necessities, campervans are all about compact travel. You can wash, cook and sleep – but they are more suited to solo travellers or couples.

In the US, camper vans can be referred to as ‘Class B’, but don’t let this confuse you. ‘Class C’ motorhomes are often bigger than ‘Class B’ and have more amenities.

Because of their smaller size, most campers can be driven on a standard driving licence and don’t require any additional licensing. However, it’s always good to double check, particularly with the larger, more luxurious models.

Check out our campervan models:

Which type of motorhome should I get?

When deciding which motorhome is right for you, there are many things to consider. How many people will be travelling with you? Will it be for family holidays, couples trips or a solo venture?

Then you need to think about where you’ll want to go. Will you be sticking to close-by short-stays? Or do you need a vehicle that’s equipped for long-stays and off-roading?

Our number one recommendation for anyone purchasing a motorhome (particularly if it’s their first) is to check them out in person. At ERWIN HYMER CENTRE Travelworld, we have a fantastic selection of vehicles on display, including Carado, Dethleffs, HYMER, Laika and Neismann + Bischoff models. Come and visit us at our Stafford showroom and expert team will be happy to help!

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