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How to holiday in a motorhome with children

What could be better than heading out on the open road as a family, looking forward to that well-earned break in your very own motorhome?

Hymer motorhome in the countryside with kids playing around

When it comes to the ultimate flexible holiday, when you decide where you want to go next, the motorhome is a superb choice.

But, as any parent knows, the cries of “Are we nearly there yet?” are never far from a child’s lips, so what can you do to ensure that much-anticipated family road trip remains as stress free as possible?

Here are a few ideas to help ensure your family motorhome adventure is packed with great memories.


Motorhome holidays can be all about the spontaneity – waking up one morning and deciding which country lane to follow. That can still be the case when you are travelling with children, but it’s also a good idea to do some planning.

Have a look online for campsites or holiday parks that have plenty good children’s facilities and activities. When your youngsters have sat through a long drive, they’ll be keen to get out and explore what’s on offer as soon as possible.

Stay and play

Do you love to get up and go somewhere different every day or do you prefer to stay in one place for a couple of nights? If you want to pitch up for more than one night, head for a town or campsite where there are enough local attractions to visit by foot. From the beach to a playground, and from beautiful countryside to fun family experiences, you’ll be glad to have these on your doorstep.


Sometimes, even the best laid plans have to change, so building in some flexibility to your itinerary will mean you can head off in a new direction without the stress levels rising. It’s all part of the adventure.


The joy of getting away in your own motorhome means you can pack a little more than if you were heading off in an aeroplane but be clever with what you take (do you really need those five pairs of trainers?). Lots of parents swear by packing cubes to organise clothes, nappies and other essentials.

When it comes to toys, let each of your children take a small bag of their favourites and pack a small activity box that will keep them entertained while you’re driving.

If you love to head out at short notice, keep essentials – such as bedding, sleeping bags, towels, first aid kit, a compact foldaway table and chairs for outside dining, lanterns and a head torch – in the motorhome so you can get away quickly.

Driving time

While all the family will be keen to get their destination as quickly as possible, factoring in a few stops and restricting drives to three hours or so will help to minimise the number of complaints. It’s also good for the nominated driver to stretch their legs and rest their eyes for a few minutes, too.

Blackout blinds and curtains

These are a must – because no one wants to wake up at the first crack of dawn.


You and your children are going to have plenty of wonderful adventures in your motorhome – enjoy all the experiences you’re going to have and SMILE!

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