10 of the best motorhome apps

From dating to reading books, chatting with friends to sports scores, there’s an app for almost anything these days.

Believe it or not, there’s even an app which makes an electric shaver noise while you trim your beard manually. Yes, really.

Not to be outdone, there are a myriad of different apps available for motorhome fans designed to make your life easier, allowing you to get on with the fun part – exploring.

Here we take a look at the top 10 on the market.


Searchforsites is the go-to app to find motorhome stopovers or touring campsites in Europe. The online portal is a growing community-based project with information on almost 40,000 stopover sites, ranging from five-star campsites to off-site parking and everything in between.

With over 85,000 photos and more than 70,000 reviews, it is invaluable when trying to find a site suitable for your needs.

Full disclosure: Travelworld is a proud sponsor of Searchforsites.


Google Maps is the sat nav king for cars with 25 million downloads a year. But, as experienced motorhomers will tell you, that won’t cut the mustard as it doesn’t allow you to enter the length, width and height of your vehicle. When there’s narrow roads and low bridges to navigate, that can be a real problem.

Co-Pilot takes that information into consideration and provides you with the quickest, most appropriate route for your journey.

It includes dependable offline maps, useful motorhome locations including campsites and petrol stations and safety features.

Unlike Google Maps, it doesn’t come free, but if it saves you from a run in with a low bridge, it’ll be money well spent.


Petrol is expensive and it pays to shop around. PetrolPrices does exactly what you’d expect it to – and its creators say the average user can save £200 a year. That is going to increase if you’re an every-weekend motorhomer.

Search for the cheapest petrol and diesel and filter by price, location, fuel type and brand.  There’s also the opportunity to view the filling station’s additional facilities and to play a part in the community by confirming current prices or updating them for other drivers.


Eliminate parking anxiety with this stress-busting app which has access to information on over 70 million parking spaces in 15,000 cities around the world.

Not only does this app tell you opening hours and price information, it also advises on any height or weight restrictions.

You can also use handy filters to ensure the parking space meets your demands, including whether it is covered or whether credit cards are accepted.

Motorway Services GB

No two motorway services are the same. To avoid a disappointing stop-off – and to steer well clear of those which aren’t motorhome friendly – invest £2.99 in the Motorway Services GB app.

This stands above its free contemporaries with up-to-date information on all facilities available at every service station across Great Britain.

Got a craving for a KFC? This app makes it easy to search for services that offer the particular brands you desire.

You can also use the satellite images to see how many motorhome spaces each service station has.

Google Translate

Taking your motorhome overseas but don’t know your s’il vous plaît from your por favor? Google Translate is an incredibly powerful tool that will have you mixing with the locals in no time.

This app allows you to translate between 133 languages, online and offline. It can translate both speech and text, or can even decipher menus by holding the phone’s camera up. Using the phrasebook, it’s possible to star and save translated words and phrases for future reference.

It’s mind-blowing, really. Is it perfect? Of course not, but the majority of time you will be able to understand what is being conveyed to you – and respond.


Navigating by postcode is generally fine, but it’s not always ideal when you’re in the back of beyond or on a campsite. What3words allows you to find any three-metre square anywhere in the world.

Every three-metre square has been given a unique combination of three words. For example, you’ll find Travelworld in Stafford at push.view.soft.

You can also share your location with friends, so if you get lost on a large campsite at night, there’s always a way back!


They haven’t quite developed an app which packs your bags for you, but PackPoint is the next best thing.

This app creates a packing list for you based on length of travel, weather at each destination you plan to visit and activities planned during the trip.

You’ll never forget your [insert your usual forgotten item here] again.


TravelSpend is great for tracking your spending in foreign currencies, either before you go or while you’re there.

It helps you stick to a budget and produces graphs so you can analyse your spending as you go.

Another neat feature is the ability to split costs with other people and keep track of who owes what, perfect when exploring with friends.

BBC iPlayer

After a day of exploring the local area you may well want to relax with a bit of telly before getting your head down.

Nowadays you can access most TV through the internet. While most channels have their own apps, you won’t go far wrong with BBC iPlayer and its vast catalogue of shows, both current and from yesteryear.

If you fear the WiFi might be a bit sketchy where you are, programmes can be downloaded in advance and watched offline at your leisure.

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