Taking your motorhome to festivals – 2022 style

After a couple of years in the doldrums, courtesy of the pandemic, UK festivals are back with a vengeance for the summer of ’22.

For thousands of camper van and motorhome enthusiasts this is wonderful news – for what better combination can there be than a full-on festival experience, followed by the warmth and comfort of your own bed, toilets and shower?

Once on site you’ll want to unwind and enjoy the festival vibe to the max, so it always pays to get the tedious, practical stuff out of the way long before you get there. That’s why we have put together some useful tips and pointers – so you can book up and get down with confidence.

Don’t join the banned

First off – make sure your vehicle is allowed. Nearly all sizeable UK festivals accommodate camper vans and motorhomes these days. Be aware that your tickets may come at a slight premium for your home on wheels – and the motorhome pitches may be a tad further afield. Well at least that makes a good night’s sleep more likely.

Similarly, check the small print to ensure that nothing on-board will land you in the proverbial. While knives and glass are essentials for self-catering, they may be banned on festival sites – or in certain areas. Usually it’s OK unless you try taking them into the main arenas – but be prepared.

You got the power

A good power supply is essential, so find out if there are electric hook-ups onsite, or if generators are allowed. Either way, charge all your batteries and back-ups beforehand, along with your mobile chargers and gas canisters.

Park life

New campers race onto the site and grab the pitches nearest the action. Wise old heads think of the dreaded queues on the final morning, then take a strategic approach and park within easy reach of the exits. And while camper vans and motorhomes will not flood (unlike tents) you can still come to grief if it rains and you’re parked at the bottom of a muddy hill.

Eat to the beat

Modern festivals are so full of fascinating food outlets that you probably don’t want to be making meals. However, when waking up after a heavy night it’s great to have breakfast essentials to hand, so don’t spare the milk, cereal, bread, fruit juices and so on.

There should be ready access to fresh water, so while it’s always wise to bring plenty, ensure you have a water carrier with you for any essential refills.

Key change

Finally, nothing is worse than losing the key to your van – and it often happens at festivals. So take a spare and keep it safe!


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