Cooking in a Camper Van

Rolling Culinary Adventures the Road

Cooking in a camper van or motorhome may appear challenging at first. Many motorhomes are equipped with a 3-ring hob and occasionally lack an oven, making it seem nearly impossible to replicate the cooking experience from home. However, that assumption is mistaken! Numerous tips and tricks exist to assist you in cooking as comfortably and skilfully as you would in your home kitchen, if not even better. And we are here to tell you how!

Whether you’re traveling in a 2-berth HYMER Camper Van or a 6-berth Dethleffs Motorhome, the options are limitless. In this article, we’ll guide you through the optional purchases that can enhance your on-the-road cooking experience. Whether you’re seeking recipes or tips on maximizing your space, we’ve got you covered with it all, and everything in between.

Cooking up a storm in a HYMER ML-T 580

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Starting off with preparation. When cooking in a camper van, it’s extremely important to prep both the meals you will be making and the ingredients you will need to make them with. To streamline your culinary experience and reduce food waste, take the time to pre-plan your meals. Develop a simple menu for your journey, making grocery shopping and preparation more convenient.

Enhance your experience by embracing locally sourced products that reflect the area you’re exploring. Visit nearby farm shops and supermarkets to discover the richness of local offerings, whether it’s fresh eggs, milk, or maybe even homemade pork pies. For a more budget-friendly option with a touch of adventure, consider visiting local markets with more affordable options whilst still being more enjoyable than shopping in supermarkets, offering a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Why not check out these recipe books that we have found, these books are perfect for on the road cooking and will provide you with a variety of tasty recipes and tips and tricks!

Maximising Surface in your Camper Van kitchen

It’s not only the meals you can prep. prepare vegetables in advance by cutting them into smaller pieces and storing them in airtight containers or resealable zip-top bags. This will help you make the most of your kitchen surface space and is useful for cooking various meals with the same ingredients. Another great way to save space (and time) is to find recipes that require fewer kitchen utensils. One-pot recipes like casseroles, pasta, tagines and soup are perfect for this – especially if your motorhome doesn’t have a large oven space.

In the warmer months, why not make the most of the weather and do your prep outside? A camping table is all you’ll need. You can also take advantage of campsite washing facilities to clean up, freeing up space inside your motorhome and conserving your water usage.

Outside dining in the Dethleffs XXLA

Be well-equipped to cook on the go

Having a well-equipped motorhome kitchen is essential for an enjoyable cooking experience on the road. Of course, limited space means you have to pick your tools and appliances carefully..  When kitting out your motorhome kitchen, look out for things that are versatile but compact, for example, stackable pots and pans that are easy to store and multicooker appliances that can be used to slow cook, air fry or roast.

As you embark on your motorhome journey, you might feel inclined to embrace the outdoors and engage in cooking activities amidst nature, opting for a barbecue experience. Additionally, the convenience of a slow cooker or air fryer can lend a helping hand in preparing delicious meals. These versatile appliances offer you the flexibility to whip up culinary delights both inside and outside your motorhome, allowing you to savour the joy of cooking wherever your journey takes you.

While our motorhomes and camper vans boast remarkable cooking facilities, we understand the importance of convenience on the road. To cater to varying preferences and budgets, below, we’ve listed some useful appliances to consider for your culinary camper van needs.

So, do you think you’re ready to cook up a storm in your camper? There’s no denying that cooking in your motorhome is a little trickier than in your home kitchen – but a smaller space does not mean a less tasty meal. With the right equipment, prep and recipes, you can enjoy a delicious dinner on the road, without any compromise on quality or flavour.

We have a whole range of motorhomes at Erwin Hymer Centre with varying kitchen setups and storage spaces, including three-ring hobs, microwave ovens (and some even a wine fridge). If you’re considering purchasing a motorhome, or maybe this article’s got you thinking about part-exchanging your current one, take a look at our full stock of new and used vehicles here, contact our expert team or come along and browse for yourself at our Stafford showroom.

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