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Travelworld’s Top Motorhome Models – Check Out Our Latest Luxury Vehicles

Here at Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld, we offer an extensive collection of motorhomes and campervans tailored for every adventure. Whether you’re planning a family getaway in the abroad or a romantic trip for two along the Scottish coast, we have the perfect vehicle for you. Explore our current models below and find your ideal home on wheels.


Dethleffs Globetrotter XXL A9000 2-EB

Combining the highest quality standards with extreme practicality, this coachbuilt motorhome offers plenty of interior space, allowing you to camp in comfort all year round.

Built on a robust Iveco Daily chassis and powered by a 3L Fiat engine, the Dethleffs Globetrotter XXL is both strong and powerful, capable of pulling heavy trailers even on mountainous routes. As part of the deluxe Dethleffs line, it boasts impressive aesthetics and a stunning all-around specification.

The kitchen offers practical functionality, with a superb three-burner gas stove and adjustable worktop to provide additional space when needed. Ingenious bathroom designs allow for either separate or connected sanitary rooms, based on your preference, while the onboard beds feature top-quality frames, mattresses and coverings.

Motorhome highlights

  • Extremely spacious with ample storage
  • Frost-proof, heated double floor
  • Long-lasting Lifetime Plus technology with 44mm-thick wall structure
  • Extra self-sufficiency thanks to the large 150 Ah battery and 230-litre water tank
  • Class: Integrated
  • Berths: 6
  • Engine: 3.0 L 4 cylinder TD 205hp twin turbo
  • Length:  8.86m
  • Width:  2.35m
  • Height:  3.45m


Learn more and take a look at our available models here.

Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88 EK

Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88 LF parked in the city

NIESMANN+BISCHOFF – Arto – decal set Maxi and striping in ‘champagne matt’

To fully appreciate the beauty and sophistication of the Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88 EK, you must step on board yourself. This model has a roomy, fully-fitted kitchen, spacious bathroom and luxurious beds, ready to travel in style and comfort.

The generous rear garage allows for plenty of storage, with an optional bicycle holder and 230-volt e-bike charger for those who like to ride along the coast or country tracks. From Germany’s prime manufacturer, this palatial home-from-home is testament to the astonishing progress witnessed in motorhome design and build over the last generation.

Motorhome highlights

  • Optimum protection with glass fibre reinforced plastic roof
  • Low engine noise for a quiet ride
  • Reversing camera
  • Styrofoam insulation
  • Class: Integrated
  • Berths: 4
  • Engine:  Fiat 2.3 130hp (Euro 6)
  • Length:  :8.763m
  • Width:  2.32m
  • Height:  2.95m

Learn more and take a look at our available models here.

Niesmann + Bischoff iSmove 6.9 E

iSmove at night

Taking motorhomes to a different level, the iSmove 6.9 E is the result of 23,000 hours’ development in the labs and studios of iconic manufacturer Niesmann + Bischoff. Just under 7 metres in length with a brilliant 3,500kg payload, its stunning design and innovative practical solutions make it an extraordinary model.

The motorhome is built with self-sufficiency in mind, sporting a 50-litre gas tank, 200-litre water tank and standard 100 Ah lithium cabin battery and optional 110 W solar panel with an MPPT solar controller. The design is spacious and multifunctional, sporting a rotating bench seat that transforms from a safe seat to a couch, invisible storage areas and, of course, the patented iSmove slim lifting bed that disappears into the ceiling.

Motorhome highlights

  • Fixed 50-litre gas tank
  • 100 Ah lithium cabin battery and optional 110 W solar panel
  • Slim-design lifting bed
  • Class: Intergrated
  • Berths: 4
  • Engine: Fiat 2.3 140 bhp (Euro 6)
  • Length: 6.99m
  • Width: 2.278m
  • Height: 2.835m

Learn more and take a look at our available models here.


HYMER B-Class Masterline BML-I 890

Motorhome parked in the countryside

The MasterLine I 890 represents the ultimate luxury in motorhome lifestyles. Its impressive 8.99m x 2.35m footprint creates a spacious on-board experience, enhanced by a radical interior design and seamless flowing space previously unknown in the industry.

From the panoramic windscreen to the remodelled rear, this is a vehicle that really has it all. The combination of the pale Grand Oak furniture and the darker Velvet Ash creates a stunning colour scheme throughout the living areas. At the rear, a comfortable queen-size bed makes sleeping on-board a sheer delight, with three incredibly spacious wardrobes that will make packing an absolute breeze.

Motorhome highlights

  • Four-level lighting concept
  • Multi-purpose double floor with through-loading function
  • Mercedes Benz chassis with driver assistance systems
  • HYMER Connect control system
  • Class: Integrated
  • Berths: 4
  • Engine:  Mercedes Benz 2.2l 177 bhp (Euro 6c)
  • Length:  8.99
  • Width:  2.35m
  •  Height:  2.96m

Learn more and take a look at our available models here.


Carado CV 540

Carado CV 540 parked on the beach

Compact but beautifully put together, the German-built Camper Van 540 from Carado is like owning two great vehicles at once: one day, a general run-around for the family, work and shopping, the next day a comfortable and wonderfully equipped home-from-home.

Small is certainly beautiful with the 540. It’s compact design enables efficient use of space and easy manoeuvring: offering travellers an ideal balance of living comfort and mobility.

The superbly-designed kitchen, functional bathroom and spacious living area have everything you need, with a comfortable sleeping space to relax in after an eventful day.

Motorhome highlights

  • Compact design
  • Rear transverse bed
  • Intelligent storage concepts
  • Class: Camper Van
  • Berths: 2-3
  • Engine:  Fiat 2.0 120hp (Euro 6)
  • Length: 5.41m
  •  Width:  2.05m
  • Height:  2.65m

Learn more and take a look at our available models here.


Laika Ecovip L 4009 DS

Laika Ecovip Low Profile parked up

Everything you need to eat, sleep and live is stylishly presented in the Ecovip L4009 DS. Major features such as the sturdy, insulated body and cavernous boot space are complemented by amazing attention to detail: from the pull-out wardrobe rails to the ingenious fridge doors, which can open from left or right.

Every single aspect of your holiday has been thought out and perfected on this model. The driver has fingertip control over their environment, while the spacious interior caters for everybody’s requirements: from the stylish bathroom and shower area to the fully-equipped kitchen, with oven, three-burner hob and large worktop, not to mention the pull-down extra bed.

Motorhome highlights

  • Frost-proof water system
  • Thermal insulation
  • Heated and illuminated double floors
  • Class: Semi-integrated
  • Berths: 2 (4-5 optional)
  • Engine:  Fiat 2.2 140 bhp
  • Length: 7.40m
  • Width:  2.25m
  • Height:  2.96m

Learn more and take a look at our available models here.


HYMER ML-T 580 4×4


This remarkable vehicle combines HYMER’s comfort and adaptability with a level of performance normally associated with rugged SUV machines. Its powerful 4X4 all-wheel drive, superb traction and enhanced ground clearance equips the ML-T 580 4×4 to master all types of terrain in all conditions.

Despite its power and resilience, this model still delivers big-time when it comes to the home comforts and aesthetic appeal which makes HYMER such an icon among motorhome enthusiasts. Its well-thought-out kitchen and bathroom facilities mean you can truly relax and kick back after a day on the road, while the superior interior finishes offer a welcome touch of luxury.

Motorhome highlights

  • Optional four-wheel drive
  • HYMER Connect control system
  • Full-sized shower
  • Self-sufficiency with HYMER Smart Battery
  • Class: Semi-integrated
  • Berths: 2-3
  • Engine:  Mercedes-Benz 2.2 143 HP Euro 6
  • Length: 6.98m
  • Width:  2.22mm
  • Height: t 2.90m

Learn more and take a look at our available models here.

Ready to find your next motorhome?

View all these models and more at our exclusive Stafford showroom. Take a look inside the motorhomes and browse our fantastic range of vehicles from Carado, Dethleffs, HYMER, Laika, Neismann and Bischoff. Our friendly team are on hand to help, or you can get in touch here.


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