Laika redefine motorhome luxury with the impressive Kreos H5109

If you are ready to enjoy a motorhome which redefines the concept of luxury, you will be impressed by a new Laika which is the result of unrivalled attention to detail.

The team at Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld are pleased to welcome a new Laika model which has benefitted from extensive development to maximise user experience, the Kreos H5109.

The culmination of two years of intensive research based around a very precise mission, namely to redefine the concept of the luxury motorhome, the H5109 combines Italian style with smart technology and is now available for you to see up close at the UK’s largest dealership for Erwin Hymer Group motorhomes.

Like all the latest Laika vehicles, the H5109 boasts the style and quality which has made Italian design famous around the world.

Kreos H 5109 Interior, kitchen area

The H5109 is the new product of a partnership between Laika and GFG Style, a design and engineering brand which has built its reputation working with some of motoring’s most famous brands including Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Lancia.

It is not a case of appearance over substance as the groundbreaking H5109 redefines the concept of motorhome luxury with a superb combination of Italian style and innovative technology.

The new motorhome builds upon the automotive styling that distinguishes the L5009 Kreos by designing a complete, unique and iconic body.

With a fibreglass single-block front, the new arrival will draw admiring glances by creating a stylish first impression.

The large, panoramic windscreen offers maximum visibility from the state-of-the-art driver’s cab. It  is designed to offer maximum visibility on board and is equipped with specially designed windscreen wipers.

The view on board is improved by the reduced size of the A posts, resulting in fewer blind spots and greater driving safety.

Kreos H 5109 Interior, bedroom areaOn the technical side before exploring the stylish features, the H5109 comes in at 789 cm long. The H5109’s basic power unit is the Fiat 2.3 engine with 140 hp.

The designers have placed an automotive heart in the new Kreos motorhome. It has full-LED lights with direction indicators and a DRL system, along with optimised aerodynamic flows which streamline the vehicle so that it offers minimal air resistance.

Comfort for all is increased thanks to advanced thermal insulation, combined with acoustic insulation for a quieter journey. If the temperature drops the Alde heater system generates warmth wherever desired.

The interior layout retains the iconic base of the low-profile L 5009 Kreos. The living area boasts an elegant Corian table, along with a 147 cm L-shaped left sofa and a 117 cm right-side sofa.

The kitchen is equipped with all conveniences, including a gas oven, 153 l maxi refrigerator with AES system, three-burner hob and double sink with multifunctional sink cover.

There is the option of integrating a dishwasher and Corian coffee machine holder as extras, so that you can feel as if you are on board a home from home every day.

The close attention to detail means the Kreos H5109 offers a wellness shower with a double showerhead and a sophisticated design.

The bathroom area can be converted into a single room distinct from the rest of the vehicle. It is elegantly finished, with a Corian vanity top and an interplay of mirrors along the wall, concealing spacious wall units inside.

Fully integrated into the ceiling, the electrically operated drop-down bed has a sleeping area of 195 × 140 cm. Sleep will be more relaxing thanks to the elastic-supported Froli bed base and foam mattress.

Kreos H 5109 Interior, living area

The room of the drop-down bed is completed by two upholstered headboards with attached storage space, plus classic adjustable LED spots with USB sockets for powering and charging mobile devices.

Thanks to Italian innovation, the drop-down bed has been designed beyond traditional standards, creating a true open-plan bedroom capable of replicating and offering the same comfort as the rear twin beds (195×80 cm), which in turn can be comfortably converted into a large double bed for even more peaceful sleep.

Kreos H 5109 Interior, drop down front bed

Equipped with an adjustable headboard and spring suspension system, the beds in the Kreos will provide you with all the same comfort and relaxation as a real bedroom.

It may have taken two years to develop, but you will only need seconds to see the new Kreos motorhome is the result of a thoroughly thought-out design that delights and innovates.

Laika bill the H5109 as a new way of travelling, where the best of design meets innovative technology to create a statement vehicle that redefines the concept of the luxury motorhome.

Call Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld to get your first experience of a stylish future.

Chassis: Fiat Ducato 44 Heavy
External length / width / height cm: 789 / 232 / 303
Internal width / height cm: 218 / 205
Beds: 4
Right side rear bed / left side rear bed (L × W) cm: 195 × 80 / 195 × 80

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