Laika set new standards of Italian design with the Kosmo H 1409

If you are a seasoned motorhome lover ready to blow away the winter blues and dream of warmer days on the road, the arrival of a new Laika oozing Italian style will have you looking forward to better times.

Laika Kosmo H1409 The team at Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld are excited by the arrival of a new Laika model which will capture your imagination and make you ready to explore, the Kosmo H 1409.

Fresh from making its debut at the world’s largest public event in the tourism and leisure sector, CMT in Stuttgart, the Kosmo is now available for you to see up close at the UK’s largest dealership for Erwin Hymer Group motorhomes.

Those who have already seen it can vouch that it meets the style and quality synonymous with Italian design. The H 1409, like all of the Kosmo range, is the result of a collaboration between Laika and GFG Style, a design and engineering company and brand founded by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro which has worked with Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Lancia.

The attention to detail means the Kosmo H 1409 offers the sophisticated finish and carefully constructed spaces you would expect from Laika.Laika Kosmo h1409

Designed and built to precise Italian specifications, this new model offers eye-catching solutions combining careful design and flair.

To cover the technical side before exploring the stylish design, the Kosmo H 1409 is very much a new generation motorhome, coming in at 740 cm long and built on a conversion cowl base: only chassis without body, without passenger compartment and without floor.

The H 1409’s basic power unit is the 2.2 MultiJet III with 140 hp and manual gearbox.

The latest iteration of the Kosmo Motorhome has an exterior which has been completely redesigned. Just as Italian culture is based around “la bella figura” or maintaining an image of self-respect with your appearance, the layout of the H 1409 stands out.

It has a black/white two-tone along the sides of the vehicle which will draw attention. With full LED headlights and a fibreglass single-block grille, Laika are confident the new vehicle offers a strongly distinctive look with an automotive origin.

Moving inside, the H 1409 boasts all the characteristics of the Kosmo range, offering a delightful setting with intertwining colours which combine to welcome you on board.

The interior furniture, which is available in “Forest Green & Stone Grey” wood, is designed to alternate between different colours according to the type of element.

Laika Kosmo H1409 Kitchen

Rather than an unimaginative uniform colour scheme, the palette on board the H 1409 creates a modern and evocative interior setting which is likely to draw admiring comments from guests.

Just as you would expect at home, Laika have delivered a bathroom and shower which constitute two separate rooms, providing convenience and independent space management.

The smart thinkings extends to the kitchen, where you will find the Kosmo H 1409 has all the utilities you need to enjoy your holiday in comfort.

The kitchen boasts a three-burner hob, a Fenix kitchen countertop made of an anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant material and drawers for storing everything you need, making the set-up like a home from home.

The drop-down bed in the H 1409 is standard. You will find a 193×150 extra bed with slatted base and comfort mattress, with portlight and storage shelf. The additional bedroom is equipped with a separation curtain.

The twin beds (210×80 cm – 205×80 cm) have wooden slatted bases, which combined with the high-comfort mattresses, will offer you a comfortable rest at the end of each day.

So if you have had enough of grey English winter skies and are ready to plan ahead for sampling “la dolce vita” with the Kosmo H 1409 from Laika, call Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld to make the most of the sweet times ahead.

Chassis: Fiat Ducato 35 Light
External length / width / height cm: 740 / 232 / 295
Internal width / height cm: 218 / 210
Beds: 4 + 1
Right side rear bed / left side rear bed (L × W) cm: 210 × 80 / 205 × 80

View the full specification here. 

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