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Driving A Motorhome In The UK

It is important to know the various road and driving regulations related to driving a motorhome in the UK. See our guide below on speed constraints and driving standards expected when you’re on the move with your motorhome.

Motorhome speed limits on UK roads

If you are driving a motorhome then your speed limit is lower than if driving a car in some instances.

This rule does not apply if your vehicle is below 3.5 tonnes of unladen weight. Unladen weight refers to the weight of the vehicle before there has been any loads added.

More specifically, the definition of ‘unladen weight’ ( sometimes referred to as ‘dry weight’) given by VOSA ( Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) is the combined weight of all the functional parts of a vehicle excluding any equipment or tools and also excluding the weight of water and fuel used to power a vehicle

If in doubt of your unladen weight contact the company/person who sold or rented out your motorhome to you.

What are the motorhome speed limits in the UK?

  1. The speed limit on dual carriageways for motorhomes under 3.5 tonnes is 70 mph. Vehicles over this weight must travel no more than 60 mph
  2. Single carriageway speed limits are 60 mph for motorhomes below 3.5 tonnes and 50 mph for vehicles above this weight
  3. 70 mph is permitted on motorways for all motorhomes. However, if you have a trailer over 12 metres in length then the limit is 60 mph
  4. A speed limit of around 30 mph is usually assumed by all vehicles in built up areas and the same applies to motorhomes.

Can I drive on all roads in a motorhome?

Motorhomes are permitted on most UK roads but there are some roads where the height of a bridge or the width of a road will restrict vehicle crossings for some vehicle types.

You will need to observe the signs before you approach such areas and in some cases take an alternative route. For long journeys it is worth researching such road limitations beforehand.

Are you allowed to overtake on a motorway in a motorhome?

When driving on a motorhome in the UK, they are allow permitted to use the outside lane of the motorway for overtaking purposes, just like other vehicles.

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