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Wild Camping In Southern Ireland

Technically speaking, it is not legal to go wild camping in Southern Ireland. However, there is a level of tolerance that operates in most areas of the country despite most of the land being owned by farmers.

One of the reasons for the popularity of wild camping in Eire or Southern Ireland is because there is not an abundance of campsites readily available as there are in other parts of the world.

Bogland and upland are the two main types of terrain in Southern Ireland and it is also common to camp in public land.

Why it’s good to wild camp in Southern Ireland

Apart from the unpredictable weather there are more reasons to wild camp in Southern Ireland than not. Here are some:

  1. Low crime rates
  2. No dangerous animals
  3. Outstanding scenery
  4. Not a densely populated country in general

Top tips for wild camping in Southern Ireland

  1. Be discreet if you do not have permission from the land owner. Use a tent that will blend in and not be a blot on the landscape that will get you easily noticed
  2. Wild camping with a motorhome is different to wild camping with a tent. You will be able to go ‘off the beaten track’ to a degree but remember you will have to manoeuvre your vehicle back onto the main roads after your spell in the wild. Avoid wild camping stopovers with narrow road access
  3. Like all other areas where you may wild camp, do not light fires or pitch up too close to any dwellings or cattle/livestock
  4. Make sure your recyclables and rubbish are disposed of in an environmentally sound way
  5. Pitch up your motorhome as late as possible and be gone by morning
  6. There are midges (blood sucking flies) present in Ireland so be careful to avoid those places if possible. If it isn’t then it is advisable to take a mosquito net
  7. Steer clear of lowland areas where it can rain a lot
  8. Trespassing is not a criminal offence in Ireland but it could become a criminal issue if you do not leave when asked

Killarney, West Cork and Kilkenny offer some great wild camping stopovers as well as the Wicklow Mountains.

Dursey Island, Kilmore Quay and Roundstone are some of the motorhome wild camping stopovers listed in Southern Ireland.

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