What do I need to know about motorhome insurance?

It goes without saying that you need the best insurance you can afford when you own a motorhome.

As a high-end vehicle that is undoubtedly your pride and joy – and a source of huge sentimentality – it makes sense to take out a comprehensive policy that covers all eventualities. The very minimum you can take out is third party, but this is limited cover and you may come to regret it if you end up making a claim.

Shop around

All policies are not created equal. While you need to go to a specialist insurer, take a good look at each of the policy details on offer to see which one meets your needs. The cheapest may not actually provide the best value for money or the best cover.

At Travelworld we recommend speaking to A Plan, NFU Mutual, Safe Guard and Caravan Guard, all of which offer excellent value for money and reassurance.

Legal liability

Your cover must provide legal liability cover – this means you are covered if you have an accident that causes damage to property, a person, animal or another vehicle.


How much does it cost? Similar to car insurance it depends on: value of the vehicle, make, model and number of miles you do. Insurers will also look at your age, how long you have held your licence and if you have had accrued any points on it. Your job might also affect your premium.


Excess is the amount you are required to pay if you make a claim.

All policies have a compulsory excess, but some also offer a voluntary excess, which is an additional sum you agree to pay should you make a claim. If you agree to a voluntary excess, your premium will come down.

Value and miles

Don’t second-guess the value of your motorhome or the number of miles you do every year – it could make a significant difference to your annual premium.

How can I reduce my policy?

Increase the security measures on your motorhome – that could include clamps or locks. Some insurers may consider these reduce the risk of theft.

Cameras and parking sensors help you to manoeuvre your motorhome, reducing the risk of accidental damage to your vehicle – and to others’.

Location tracker – this device makes it easier to find your motorhome if it were stolen.

Advanced driving course – having additional driving qualifications could help to reduce your premium.

Club membership – signing up to some associations or clubs could reduce your premium.

If you store your motorhome at a secure site run by the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association, insurers may reduce your premium.

Make a checklist before you call the insurance companies to see what measures they accept to reduce your premium – before you know it, you’ll be back on the road with peace of mind.

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