How to keep cool in a motorhome or camper van

It’s a question we hear regularly: how do you keep cool in a motorhome or camper van?

Travelling where you want, when you want, means you have ultimate freedom in your motorhome.

The summer months are always a great time to discover new places or revisit old haunts, and while the weather is generally the best, increasingly we are experiencing hotter days and even
nights. It means the interior can get hot quite quickly – and no one wants to be uncomfortable for hours on end.

Air conditioning units can be fitted on roofs or under the trunk, while 12v portable units can also be used when needed (with the added benefit that these can be used in the home, too).

But if the outlay for these units is out of the question, there are some simple ways to keep yourself a bit cooler during the hottest days and nights of the year.

1. Consider your parking position

You might be surprised what a difference this makes. If you can, park underneath trees to take advantage of the shade and position the vehicle so that when the day is at its hottest, have the sun shine on the side with least amount of window.

If you can choose a space at your chosen site, have a look on the map to see where the best place is, and also use your awning to create shade outside.

2. Reflective insulation

Ideal for your windows – with the added bonus that it increases the privacy levels into your motorhome!

3. Cook outside

Keep the heat out of the kitchen (and the rest of the interior space) by cooking al fresco. Let’s face it: it’s all part of enjoying the great outdoors. Be careful about barbecuing in hot weather and always follow the Countryside Code on how to keep safe.

4. Airflow

Open hatches, windows and roof vents to create airflow. This will help to keep the temperature down a degree or two – if you have curtains or blinds, keep them closed at the hottest times of day as the less direct sunlight reaching the interior, the better. A fan will help, too.

5. Drink water

Keeping hydrated is a must – not just for your health but it will also help to cool you down a little.

6. Head to water

A sea breeze will be welcome solace when the mercury rises – indeed, heading to any body of water will also be a little cooler than inland. Watch for mosquitoes or midges, though.

7. Head to the mountains

The higher you go, the cooler the temperature, which will be a welcome respite if it is very hot. However, you can still get sunburn, so don’t forget the sunscreen.

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