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Taking LPG Tanks on The Eurotunnel

The question of taking LPG tanks on the Eurotunnel is a common one and there are some important and specific rules which need to be adhered to.

  1. LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas is not permitted to be taken on the Eurotunnel shuttle. This is the case even if the tank is empty or if you have the LPG mode switched off in a dual fuelled vehicle
  2. If you have a dual powered motorhome and one of the power sources is LPG then you will not be able to take this on the Eurotunnel. Other dual powered vehicles run by sources other than LPG are permitted
  3. LPG containers cannot be more than 80% full and must remain switched off and not used while crossing
  4. You must declare that you have LPG on board your motorhome when you arrive
  5. Mobile gas containers are restricted to 47kg for single containers and 50kg for multiple containers
  6. Make sure the regulator valve is closed on your LPG bottle/s
  7. If you have a fixed LPG supply then the quality limits are the same
  8. Important: The filling rate will need to be checked via the gauge – if you do not have a gauge then the vehicle will be refused – must be easily accessible for staff too

For more specific information about taking LPG tanks on the Eurotunnel it is advisable to call Eurotunnel before you begin your journey.

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