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Motorhome Bike Rack Facts

During the touring season, the flexibility to get out and about around your chosen destination is a must, and a bike is a fun, healthy way to get around. If bikes are your chosen mode of transport when you step out from your motorhome, the right motorhome bike rack to transport your cycles is a must.

Choosing A Bike Rack For Your Motorhome

Here a few tips and pointers to consider when choosing a bike rack for your motorhome, camper van or caravan:

  • Ensure the bike rack you choose will fit your motorhome correctly and will not obscure any windows or doors
  • The optimum time to purchase a bike rack is upon the purchase of your new motorhome, you will be able to negotiate a deal for purchase and fitting. Remember, make sure you know what type of rack you require, do not let your dealer choose for you
  • Test your bikes fit onto the rack before purchase
  • Make sure your bike rack or bikes do not cover your vehicle’s registration plate, even a small amount. If you cannot find a suitable rack, an alternative would be to look at purchasing a lighting board and an additional number plate
  • If you plan to travel outside the UK, make sure you check appropriate legislation for travelling with bike racks within the countries you travel to or through
  • Take note of the additional length a bike rack will add to your vehicle and take into consideration on your journey
  • Make sure your motorhome is capable of carrying the extra weight of the bikes and rack
  • Bike racks are designed with a specific load capacity. DO NOT overload your bike rack
  • Consider the security of both your bikes whilst on the rack, and the rack itself. Some racks do have locking devices, others you ill need to make provision for separate locks
  • Take extra care when driving your motorhome whilst the rack and bikes are attached to your vehicle. Extra weight beyond the back axle can affect your motorhome’s ability to grip the road (more so in front wheel drive vehicles)

Buying Your Motorhome Bike rack with Travelworld Motorhomes

We stock a large variety of Fiamma bike racks and we have an knowledgeable motorhome accessories sales team who can tell you all about them. If you would like to know anything about our range of motorhome bike racks then please contact us on 0800 880 4938 or come in and visit our showrooms where you can see for yourself our impressive bike rack range.

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