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Summer Security For Your Motorhome

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that motorhomes can be a target for burglars and the warmer months can often make it easier for thieves to prosper, making it important to consider security for your motorhome.

Some reports find that there is a 10% increase in domestic burglaries during the summer and that outdoor thefts rise by around 40%. A few basic hints and tips from us could help you steer clear of being the victim of motorhome theft this summer. Have a look below:

  • It’s natural to want to let some cool air in when the more congenial temperatures finally arrive. Ensure your windows are not kept open all day and night as this is an invitation to thieves who may be able to fit their hands through small gaps and reach in for something valuable
  • Motorhome summer security is getting into the habit of locking your doors every time you leave your motorhome; even if you think you are nipping out for five minutes and decide it will be okay. A walk out, however short, can often end up lasting longer; you may end up chatting to someone unexpectedly or decide on an impromptu walk, during which time your motorhome could be burgled if you have left doors open
  • Leave any valuable items out of reach and if you have a cat flap or open window do not leave wallets, tablets, cameras or expensive devices close to these openings. Always ensure there is a specific safe place where these items are kept when they are not in use
  • If you have been playing on the lawn or doing some gardening near your motorhome you should store away your garden toys and/or gardening equipment and tools as soon as you have finished with them. It’s tempting to leave things outside overnight if you are planning to continue an activity the day after but the evening is an optimum time for thefts to occur
  • Ensure you have a good and reliable alarm system fitted in your motorhome and make sure you test it regularly so you know it is in working order. An alarm can mean that police are contacted quicker by those close by and visually, alarm systems can also repel a would-be burglar
  • You can also install a range of motorhome accessories designed to keep away the burglars.
  • Social media should also be a consideration when you are protecting your motorhome from thieves. Consider whether or not you want to ‘check in’ to your chosen social media platform as this can often be a dead giveaway to some thieves. Be wary of accepting new friends or having new followers who you don’t know as some individuals use this method to find out more about your motorhome’s location

Travelworld Motorhomes Can Help Your Motorhome Be Safe This Summer

If you would like to know more about how Travelworld Motorhomes can help you keep your motorhome more secure this summer then please contact our service department. Please contact our service centre on 0844 880 4938 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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