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Three ‘Most Wanted’ Motorhome Accessories For 2016

So the end of May is almost upon us and you’re no doubt feeling lifted by the light nights and inspired by the forthcoming bank holiday highlighted on your calendar.

If you’ve already spring-checked your motorhome with an engine and habitation service then it’s now time to consider any motorhome accessories you may need for your summer motorhome trips.

Below we have outlined some of the most popular motorhome accessories customers’ are itching to get their hands on:

  • Motorhome awnings. An awning remains one of the most popular motorhome accessories you can buy. Attaching an awning to your motorhome is an ideal way to provide an extension to the living area without a lot of effort. It provides shelter from sun and rain, serves as a bike storage area, works as a dining area or a bedroom in the evenings. When looking at a new awning, one of the key things to consider is the durability of the material as this will help determine how long it is likely to last and what value for money it has. Dometic awnings are electrically operated and are available in different sizes and colours. The material they are made from is waterproof and robust and can withstand strong winds.
  • Power supplies. A power supply doesn’t sound like the most glamorous accessory around but if you fancy logging into your social media account, playing your favourite game or browsing the net for things to do at your holiday destination then your excursion can be ruined without a way of powering up your devices. Generators are able to replace a mains supply wherever you are. Dometic generators supply 230 volts and come with petrol, diesel or gas engines. Inverters from WAECO supply 230 volts so that everyday devices can be used. They convert 12 or 24 volts DC into 230 volts AC. Charger and mobile battery packages are also available.
  • Air conditioners can be a life safer when motorhoming in hot and sunny climates. If you are anticipating a hot British summer or if your holidays plans take you to guaranteed rays of sunshine then consider your air conditioning before you go. Roof air conditioners are perfect if you still want to keep space on the ground. They draw in rising warm air and cool it down. If you would like to have a Dometic roof air conditioner fitted then this can often be done by replacing an existing roof window if you have one. Alternatively, split air conditioners can be placed on the wall . Under-bench air conditioners have been popular for a while and now there is a more compact version available for smaller motorhomes. These types of air conditioner also mean that there is no effect on the outer dimensions of a vehicle and the roof-load is not affected either.

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