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Insights from the Hymer Dealer Conference 2019

Big kitchens, fresh floor plans and new worlds unfold at the Hymer Dealer conference 2019

We hope you’re sitting comfortably because we’ve got lots in store for you as our intrepid Hymer Insider, Harry Price spills the beans on his first few weeks at Hymer HQ. Excitingly for Harry, his debut at Hymer coincided with the annual Hymer dealer conference 2019 and luckily for us, we’ve now got the scoop on the models we can expect in 2020.

Harry, it’s over to you.

What was it like being at the dealer conference?

Harry – “It was great to be at the ‘coalface’ this year, I’ve always known about the conferences but never had the chance to visit before now – I wasn’t disappointed! There were around 300 visitors at the dealer days, and there was a press day too, so lots going on!

Christian Bauer, one of the Hymer MDs got the ball rolling with his presentation about the industry in general and what to expect from Hymer in 2020. We were then taken into the ‘4 worlds’ concept which were basically, four separated sections of the main exhibition hall, each with one or two never-seen-before models inside. First, there was the ‘Winter’ section with the Exsis I 678, Exsis I “New” 580 (Fiat original chassis) on display.

Another section was named ‘South of France’, the perfect home for the T Class S 695 and the ERIBA Nova 540 was in the ‘World and Sea’ area. One of my favourites was the all rad segment with a rugged terrain theme, this is where the FREE S 600 was exhibited.”

Hymer Dealer Conference 2019 mock Lavendar fields scenery

New 2020 models?

Sounds like lots of new and exciting things happening.  Can we look forward to any |other| new models in 2020? If so, what?

Harry – “Yes, the atmosphere at the conference was really exciting with plenty of talk about the new 2020 season models. One of the ‘stand outs’ for me was a new camper van based on a Front wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the Hymer Free S 600. This will include the modern interior from the existing FREE model, and will be added to the one existing Mercedes campervan, the Grand Canyon S.

Hymer Dealer Conference 2019 Hymer Car Display

There’s also the Hymer B-Class Master Line which has not yet been seen in the UK. It’s the new flagship range from HYMER based on a Mercedes chassis with an island bed (790) and single bed (780) floorplan available.”

Anything else?

Harry – “Plenty! There was also the introduction to another Mercedes benz motorhome for this year, a lower-cost alternative to the MLT and BMC-T. These also feature two floorplans that are slightly different to the usual L shape lounge floorplans, a single bed 685 and island bed 695 with “face to face” seating.”

What do you think customers will be excited about the most?

Harry – “It’s hard to say, motorhomes are a very personal choice! I think that a lot of people will be interested in the ‘New’ Hymer Exsis which offers a great price advantage, thanks to its incorporation of the Fiat chassis as opposed to the Al-Ko chassis which the rest of the Exsis range is based on.

So far there is only one floor plan in this new range, the 580 (which is the same as the 588 in the existing range but renamed for this Exsis “New” range) – this will be available in both integrated and semi integrated. The 580 will also include a new interior which is very similar (if not the same) as the BMC range.”

What’s the DuoCar?

Harry – “This is a new model for the UK market, and is the first non-fixed bed campervan from HYMER. It was built originally as a prototype for the 2017 Dusseldorf show and due to subsequent demand, has now been put into production. It includes a rear bathroom and bench seating on the passenger side wall, which can then be made into a bed – it also features the largest kitchen area of any luxury campervan in the industry!”

Anything else to report on?

Harry – “There were a few interesting changes in terms of branding which customers might find interesting. ERIBA and HYMER brands have had a slight re-brand with the two brands now differentiated as two separate brands ERIBA Caravans will have more prominent branding.

Hymer Dealer Conference 2019 Eriba Caravan on Show

HYMER will now be split into 3 categories: HYMER Motor Caravans, HYMER Campervans and HYMER Original parts. HYMERCAR has been discontinued as a sub brand hence “Hymer Campervans” – these vehicles will now be produced with HYMER logos and branding as oppose to the usual Green HymerCar logos.”

What are your highlights?

Harry – “A major highlight was giving a factory tour with English speaking dealers – this was my first proper group tour and I’m pleased to say it went really well. I’ve got to say that another big highlight was the four worlds, it was really fascinating to see and hear about the thought process behind the design of five new vehicles from the production teams involved. Another highpoint was seeing the DuoCar, especially for UK customers as it’s the first non-fixed bed campervan in the range with the largest kitchen surface in the industry. HYMER original parts and accessories stand had both the new E-scooter (attached) and HYMER E-bike – test drives there too.

And how could I forget the biggest highlight when I bumped into our MD Ross and Sales Manager, Nick from Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld – great to see familiar faces and share the Hymer excitement!”

What’s next in the diary?

Are there any more upcoming events you’ll be attending?

Harry – “Preparation for Caravan Dusseldorf will be starting at the end of August and I will be working the entire show, stay tuned for more updates…”


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