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A dream motorhome for all occasions

Keen cyclist Guy Townsend explains how his new Niesmann + Bischoff iSmove motorhome from Travelworld is opening the door to new possibilities and adventures.

With a love of endurance cycling and wild camping, it was perhaps inevitable that Guy Townsend would join the ever-growing band of motorhome fanatics.

There is nothing Guy enjoys more than climbing mountains on two wheels and resting his head in remote locations.

But, knowing that any motorhome also had to be suitable for more conventional trips with his wife Jenny as well as his regular cycling jaunts, Guy knew he needed to find a vehicle that had style and comfort as well as well as sporting functionality.

He settled on the first motorhome he saw – the ground-breaking Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove 6.9 E, which has taken the industry by storm and earned rave reviews since its release.

Guy's Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove motorhome next to the sea at sunset

Guy, a 56-year-old headhunter, said: “I’ve always wanted a motorhome. My leisure life is built around going up into the mountains for a bike ride or a walk.

“You can absolutely do that using cars and hotels but it’s not so straightforward. With a van you can park where you want, wait until the weather looks good and get out there.

“I hired a motorhome in 2020 and 2021 and that convinced me to go for it. The iSmove caught my eye because it’s a game-changing motorhome. I booked a reservation with Travelworld on a Saturday, saw it on the Monday and made an order 24 hours later.

“30 years ago I was happy sleeping under a rock but now I’m older, Jenny and I wanted that bit of luxury. It’s uber modern and just brilliant.”

At 7 metres long, the iSmove could be mistaken for a compact motorhome – until you experience it for real. Thanks to its unique design, the light and space achieved has thrilled motorhomers and reviewers alike.

Guy's Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove motorhome next to the sea and blue skies

Guy added a number of options to his iSmove but the biggest decision was to go for the 4.5 tonne version which provided extra cargo options.

He also went for single beds instead of an island bed so the motorhome could be used when on adventures with his friends as well as when he’s away with Jenny.

An over cab pulldown bed was installed in case of extra guests and to enhance the re-sale value, while an extra leisure battery and solar panels were added to increase off-grid capabilities.

Guy, who lives in Buckinghamshire, said: “One of the big pluses is the huge garage for the size of the van. It can easily accommodate four to six bikes, and I’ve added a bespoke metal floor and hydraulic suction racking pads which means I can squeeze the bikes more tightly together.

Guy's bike in his Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove motorhome garage

“We also opted for black leather which is more appropriate for our two dogs. It looks stunning and can easily be wiped down.”

Guy and Jenny have so far taken their iSmove to the Cotswolds, the New Forest, Northumberland and Scotland – and they’ve already enjoyed two life-affirming moments.

“We were parked in Rutland and witnessed two barn owls hunting in the evening, which was magical,” said Guy.

“Then we were parked at an amazing beachside spot on the Isle of Arran on Coronation weekend and saw a pair of sea otters playing in the sea 20 metres away, which fulfilled a lifelong ambition. It’s these moments I’m looking for.”

Guy has plans to travel back up north in the autumn, while frequent cycling trips are “inevitable”.

And Guy has been impressed with the Travelworld experience.

“Travelworld have been very responsive whenever we’ve needed assistance,” he said. “We’ve only good things to say.”

Read more about the iSmove.

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