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Northern Ireland Wild Camping Discovered

Northern Ireland Wild Camping Discovered

Northern Ireland is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK. Much of the coast line scenery is breath-taking and the forests and woodland areas are of an equal, yet differing appeal.

Like the rest of the United Kingdom it is illegal to wild camp in Northern Ireland but there are some areas where it is more accepted than others.

If you follow the ‘rules’ of wild camping while in Northern Ireland then you shouldn’t have any major problems.

If it is possible then you should gain permission from the land owner. Much of the forest areas of the country are owned by the National Forestry Commission and it is strictly forbidden to wild camp here unless there are clearly designated signs.

Wild camping tips

  1. Read up on the area of Northern Ireland before you go. Knowing whether or not the wild camping stopover you have in mind has access for a motorhome is vital and will avoid disappointment
  2. Do not be tempted to have any fires while you’re are wild camping
  3. Do not pitch your motorhome near to where there are signs of wildlife habitation
  4. Do not leave litter or waste in the area where you have been, take it with you and dispose of it
  5. Do not park up near peoples’ homes or too close to the road

Popular places to wild camp

On the northern coast, Ballymoney, Greencastle and Doagh are popular places for wild camping with a motorhome. Annalong and Mount Stewart are east coast destinations that wild campers also enjoy.

Again, where possible you should check out the wild camping spots in Northern Ireland online to see if there is access for motorhomes.

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