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Using Motorhomes On UK Campsites

Most UK campsites allow for motorhomes of all shapes and sizes to pitch up. Fully serviced sites are usually the most attractive for those with RVs or campervans as they offer electricity hook ups, fresh water connections and drainage facilities.

It also helps if campsites have wide entrances and easy access to pitches. For some, having amenities close by like local shops and transport links is essential while others are happy with the bare necessities.

What are the facilities?

Families, big groups, couples and single travellers have a range of different needs. It is worthwhile looking up your campsite destination online before you go to see whether the facilities will suit you.

Waste disposal

Some sites have more informal arrangements for dumping waste whereas others will have designated disposal points and strict rules apply to usage.

In the UK it is illegal to get rid of any waste in municipal drains in towns or even rural areas. This can also cause environmental problems in some places where the waste ends up in streams or in ditches by the roadside.

Cleanliness on certain parts of a campsite is largely your responsibility. Your pitch will be expected to be left as you found it and the toilet and shower blocks are the same. In some cases, there may be operatives employed to clean the municipal places but this varies from site to site.

Electricity at campsites

Larger campsites usually offer electric power for campervans and motorhomes to use. These supplies are enough to power your motorhome appliances but there are restrictions on them so you need to be considerate. Too much usage can result in interrupting the whole power system on site.

Generators are allowed on some sites but not on others with the reason usually being the noise produced and the possibility of releasing carbon dioxide fumes.

If you want to connect to the EHU (Electrical HookUps) mains point then you will need a hook-up cable. Make sure you isolate all appliances before you connect and always follow instructions carefully.

Are there any size restrictions on motorhomes?

Some campsites can be particular if your motorhome is longer than around 8.7 metres in length but most do accommodate for all sizes. If your pitch is too short then it can mean that your vehicle is jutting out somewhat. Also, if you have a left-hand drive RV then it can mean two awnings are sitting side by side which is usually discouraged on most sites.

Often, larger more commercial sites will have wardens available to help you find the right pitch.

Campsite seasonal opening times

There are mid, high and low seasonal periods in the campsite calendar and some sites offer deals for families in certain parts of the season.

At the height of summer there may be more competition for motorhome pitches as the weather improves and sites become busier. Booking in advance can be key to ensuring these spots. Remember that sometimes prices can vary on some sites depending on what season it is.

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