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Travelworld Motorhomes Become Hymer Specialists

Hymer Specialists

As from March 2012, Travelworld have become Hymer specialists after being named one of the newly appointed Hymer dealer network!

Travelworld Motorhomes have been serving the motorhome community since 1977 and have been involved with motorhome importation during all of those 35 years. Their heritage is American RV’s and for decades they were the largest American RV retailer in the UK, with main franchises Gulfstream and Monaco Coach.

Travelworld’s strategy was always to focus on one main brand and specialise in that product; they also made sure the brand they chose offered the highest possible quality. Having changed their attention to the European market Travelworld kept true to their strategy and in 2009 became the sole UK agent for Niesmann + Bischoff. The past four years have been spent learning new systems and training staff to understand every facet of ‘high end’ German motorhomes and the factories processors. As many people know, N+B’s parent company is Hymer and although a separate standalone company they share many of the same internal systems.

Ross Edwards, Travelworld Motorhomes Managing Director, said, “We’re incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to be Hymer specialists and represent the Hymer brand. Hymer is simply the ultimate brand name and product in the industry and is the aspiration of all motorhome owners”

“Hymer represents the closest thing our industry has to compare with the automotive industry and with giants such as Mercedes and BMW.

“As a dealership, we greatly appreciate the benefits of having top-level organisation, efficiency, design and of course quality that comes hand in hand with operating at this level.”

Travelworld claims that although they will be part of a dealer network, they will strive to become the UK specialist for Hymer and will look to recapture the focus that the Preston Madisons / Hymer UK site previously offered.

Travelworld displaying Hymer motorhomes and camper vans in their impressive showroom and have plans to factory train every one of their Salesman as well as their Service Technicians.

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