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New Year Resolutions For You And Your Motorhome

There’s no greater companion than a motorhome to help ensure you fulfil your new year resolutions. The old favourites, including; losing weight, travelling more, seeing friends and family more often, can all be achieved more easily with the help of your motorhome. If you haven’t made any promises to yourself yet then we have put together a few inspiring ideas to get you in the travelling spirit for 2016.

Go Somewhere New In Your Motorhome

The desire to travel more is not a resolution exclusive to motorhomers but it is one which can be achieved more easily with your wheels literally waiting on the driveway to whisk you away to pastures new. Being in and around the home during the holiday season can definitely make your feet become more itchy than usual. Dig out your travel books, get on google and see where you can go to next. Perhaps you’d like to go on the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail with the family, go to one of the many UK music festivals like Glastonbury or V Festival with your friends or maybe you’d like to simply sit by the sea Tenby. The opportunities are endless in the UK thanks to our buzzing cities, plentiful countryside landscapes and diverse culture filled with lots of different kinds of attractions. If you want to set your travel resolutions further afield, then why not plan to take your motorhome abroad this year? Which brings us to the next point…

Go On A Ferry With Your Motorhome

Travelling abroad with your motorhome is an exciting adventure, despite the large amount of attractions on UK soil, if you want to travel further then you have to cross water. Across from the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel are a host of different countries waiting to be explored. Particularly in France, Spain and Germany you will find lots of motorhome-friendly places to stay and you might just find the temperature is a lot more favourable too! The key with ferry travel and your motorhome is to do some simple planning and preparation beforehand.

You will need to make sure there are spaces available in the campsite of your choice and book as soon as you have decided where you want to go ( July and August are especially busy months of the year). Have a look to see what kind of facilities are available as these do vary from site to site.

Check the length and weight of your vehicle first. You will need to make sure you have detailed the dimensions of your vehicle correctly when you make your ferry crossing booking. ‘Overall length’ includes towbars and bike racks and ‘overall height’ will also include any roof racks. For trailers, you will need to know what the length is when it is added onto the length of your motorhome and this will be counted as your ‘overall length’. Also, if your trailer is higher than your motorhome this will be considered as your ‘overall height’ when travelling by ferry.

Go To A Motorhome Show

There are many, many motorhome shows dotted throughout a calendar year. The Caravan and Motorhome Show in January is one of the first to start and it is being held from 21st – 24th January at Event city in Manchester. Following on from the huge success of last year, the Travelworld Preview Exhibition is being held again at the showroom in Shropshire this February and will feature the UK’s largest selection of Hymer, Niesmann + Bischoff and Carado motorhomes; exact dates have yet to be confirmed. If you are further down south then take a trip to the Southern Motorhome show in Berkshire from May 20th – 22nd or the Motorhome Show in Shepton Mallet in September. All these events offer a wide range of different attractions, as well as the latest motorhome models; some with celebrity chefs and industry experts providing up to date information about new technology and offering a wide range of accessories to purchase. Some of the motorhome events invite rallies where you can stay overnight at the venue and breath in the full motorhome experience.

Be More Active

Getting fit is always a staple new year’s resolution; if you already have a motorhome then you have a fighting chance of keeping up with the promises you have made to yourself. Gym memberships and promises to tune into the latest celebrity fitness DVD are a far cry from your hand being forced into fun and exercise when you are off in your motorhome. Many fitness fanatics use their motorhomes as a base camp for whatever activity they are doing, for example, skiing, mountain biking or walking. And even those who are not a slave to the extreme sport, simply being out in the great outdoors is enough to encourage you to go for a stroll around the campsite or a gentle bike ride to the local town. If you are thinking about biking while on your motorhome holiday this year, then it is a good idea to take a bike rack so you can have your own bikes with you.

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