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Fathers Day Gifts For Motorhome Lovers

What better way this Father’s Day to show appreciation for one of the main men in your life than with a motorhome gift? We’ve pulled a few ideas together for Fathers Day gifts for motorhome lovers from our range of motorhome and camper van accessories.

If you’ve got a perfection-seeking pops, a gadget crazy granddad or a stickler for safety daddy then we’ve got the full range of gifts and accessories to choose from at Travelworld.

Unusual Fathers Day Gifts – Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A motorhome smoke detector may not sound like the most glamorous of presents but it’s one that could be a life-saver.

If your dad is one for always wanting to do things as safely as possible then this could be the ideal present for him.

We have a number of different detectors to choose from including; a hard wired carbon monoxide, soporiferous gas and LPG gas sensor.

There are also too battery powered sensor available.

One is available with additional fire and gas sensor.

Pioneer Radio

Long journeys just wouldn’t be the same without being able to tune into your favourite radio station, whether that’s music, sport or the news.

Annually, we have a full season of sport with the Wimbledon, Cricket, Grand Prix, and we always have a range of events which only happen every few years highlighting too, so if you need a new radio for your motorhome now might be the right time for a sport-loving dad.

Finding the best radio is not always easy, particularly if you are not technically minded.

Some of the most sought after radios have features including; Sat Nav, DAB, DVD, USB, Car Play, iPhone, Avicsync, iPod, Android Control, Mirrorlink, commercial navigation.

If you have a twin roof aerial on your Hymer motorhome then there is an adaptor device which allows for DAB and standard aerial to work.

Pioneer radios at Travelworld have a number of these features included and there is a large range available for everyone.

Glass Cleaning Kit

Cleaning can be a chore but for some dads it can bring about great satisfaction to get their motorhome gleaning.

Indulge your dad with a Dometic Acrylic glass cleaner kit to clear those grubby finger prints and smudges off all the glass inside your motorhome.

Handy solutions and functional pieces can delight some dads.

More items such as Hymer umbrellas, cigar sockets and mains lead hook ups are also available this Father’s Day.

There are many ideas which are not the norm which you can come up with when it comes to satisfying motorhome lovers.

We hope our Fathers Day gifts ideas for motorhome lovers has helped.

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